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Illamasqua Hussy Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

Today, I (finally) have a review of Illamasqua Hussy powder blush for you!

First off, a note: although the Sephora website still lists Hussy as being sold, it’s out of stock and has been for quite a while now.  This alone is unremarkable. But, the Illamasqua website says that it cannot ship Hussy to the US.  So, my guess is that Hussy contains a dye not approved in the US, and may not be available in the US either permanently or temporarily; I have no idea which.  Luckily, my Sephora carries Illamasqua, and still had plenty of Hussy blushes in stock.

First, the packaging: as I’ve written before, Illamasqua’s sleek black packaging is exactly my style.   I never use the brushes or mirrors that come with some products, so I’m glad that the compact doesn’t have either.  Without space for a brush, it’s smaller, and with a clear top (instead of a mirror), it’s much easier for me to find in my makeup drawer. The package is sturdy and easy to open.

I absolutely love the texture of Illamasqua’s matte blushes – I think the might be the softest, smoothest blushes I’ve tried.  Hussy has a really nice level of pigmentation – it’s easy to build to the intensity you want, and also easy to blend out the edges and sheer out if you prefer.  Hussy, as well as the other Illamasqua powder blushes I’ve tried, does tend to kick up a little bit of powder when used.

Hussy is a matte pink that leans coral – I have a lot of corals, and this is more pink than all of them.   The shade is really lovely, and I can see it working on a variety of skintones.  Here’s a swatch next to two of my more similar colors; the single swatch of Hussy is more color-accurate than the comparison swatch.

Overall, I really love Hussy – it’s the perfect pink for me, and if it is going to be harder to find in the US, I’m very glad to have got my hands on it before it disappeared!  The only “problem” I’m having is that given how much I love the formula of Hussy (and the formula Tweak, which I previously reviewed),  I now want to buy several more Illamasqua blushes . . .
Wearing Illamasqua Hussy

And finally, please note that posts probably will be a little slower around here in the next two weeks – I’m planning to post about 3-4 times a week, rather than posting every day.  I’m in the middle of law school final exams, and although I actually have quite a lot of photos ready to go, I just haven’t had the mental energy to sit down and write out reviews! Thanks so much for your understanding.  Posting will resume at the normal pace around in mid-May.


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Illamasqua Neutral Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Illamasqua Neutral Palette

When the Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism collection was released, there was one piece that especially caught my eye – the Neutral Palette.  As soon as I swatched it in Sephora, I knew it was an absolute must for me – the colors are exactly my style, and the quality is amazing.

The Neutral Palette is packaged very similarly to most of Illamasqua’s products, in their signature-shaped black compacts.  Unlike their blush (which has a clear lid), it has a solid lid with a mirror.  I prefer the clear lid so I can see what’s inside, but this way is fine too.  It is very sturdy and lovely. Here is a photo next to a blush (Hussy, which I will review soon), so you can see the relative size.

The Neutral Palette contains four eyeshadows – three mattes and one metallic.  The mattes are ivory Stealth, cool brown Wolf and matte black Obsidian, and the fourth shade is a metallic / shimmery gold Vintage.  Vintage is exclusive to the palette, but the other three shades are available as singles on the Illamasqua site.  I see Wolf on the Sephora site, but Sephora doesn’t carry the full Illamasqua line, and they don’t seem to have Stealth or Obsidian at this time.

The quality of all four eyeshadows is fantastic. They are incredibly smooth and pigmented. The mattes remind me of Inglot’s mattes, only perhaps even better, and Vintage reminds me of the best of Urban Decay eyeshadows. They apply and blend beautifully.  I haven’t tested out wear extensively, but I always wear a primer and I never have a problem with anything creasing on me – I’ll update this review if I do have a problem, but I can’t imagine that I will.

Although it only has four shades, this palette seems quite versatile as well.  You could use Stealth all over the lid and to highlight, then use Wolf in the crease to define the eye socket for a very subtle look.  You could use Wolf on the lid, and add Obsidian to the crease for a smokey eye.  You could add Vintage to any look, either lightly just to add some shimmer, or heavily (or wet) to add an intense metallic look.

The Neutral Palette is $42.50 at Sephora, or £30/approximately $47 at, and I think it is worth every penny.

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Illamasqua Muse Nail Polish Swatch and Quick Review

Illamasqua Muse

Illamasqua Muse nail polish is a gorgeous teal creme that leans blue.  It’s perfectly opaque in just one coat – that’s all I’m wearing in the photo.  It applies easily, and it lasts slightly better than average on me.  It’s a more expensive than what I usually spend on nail polish ($14; I usually spend $5 or less per polish), but it’s a gorgeous color and a great formula.

Overall, I think it’s a gorgeous, high quality polish, but I’m not sure it’s worth the cost with so many fantastic sub-$5 polishes out there!


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Illamasqua Tweak Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

Illamasqua Tweak is the third of my three recent blush acquisitions.  (The first two are MAC Blushbaby and MUFE 75).  Illamasqua Tweak is a matte watermelon red/pink – and it’s a surprising natural shade on me.

First, the packaging: since I love sleek black packaging, Illamasqua’s packaging is really appealing to me.   I never use the brushes or mirrors that come with some products, so I don’t mind that Illamasqua doesn’t include either.  The package is sturdy and easy to open, and I really like the aesthetics.  The clear top also makes it easy to find in your makeup drawer.

The, the product.  The blush is very pigmented, yet very easy to blend out.  I was actually quite surprised at how easy it was to get a light, even application. I used a regular blush brush – I dipped it very lightly in the blush, tapped off the excess, then blended on my cheeks.  It’s a very soft, silky powder – it makes me want to buy all of Illamasqua’s matte powder blushes, because the formula really is that amazing!

When I applied it to my face, I was surprised at how natural such a vivid color was on me.  It’s actually just the color I turn when I blush (or when I get sunburned). This means that I actually have to be quite careful not to overdo it, or it looks like I’m embarrassed!

Here’s quite a heavy swatch so you can see what I mean!

Overall, I absolutely LOVE the formula of this blush, and now I am wanting to buy many Illamasqua blushes – especially the matte shades! I’m not quite sure that Tweak is the right color for my complexion, however.  If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them!

In the US, Illamasqua is available at Sephora stores,, and

Do you own any Illamasqua blushes? What would you recommend I buy next?

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Illamasqua Rude: Reviews, Swatches, Photos

I recently purchased Illamasqua Rude, and after wearing it a few times I’m ready to review it!

Illamasqua Rude is a cream blush. The texture is slightly firmer than I expected; it’s not so soft that you accidentally pick up too much. Instead, it’s very easy to pick up the exact right amount of blush, whether with your fingers or a brush.

The color is a soft peachy orange coral. It’s lovely – very natural on me.

Illamasqua Rude

I’ve applied Rude with both my fingers and a brush. Because I have normal to dry skin, and my cheeks lean to the drier side,  I have to be sure to moisturize before I use Rude. If I don’t, Rude can be a little bit difficult to blend out. If I do moisturize, Rude blends beautifully.  It works well with either fingers or a brush (I use a Real Techniques stipple brush), but I think I prefer to use a brush).

The main downside is that the blush doesn’t last very long; I’d guess that it lasts about 4 hours on me with a sheer, light application (which is my preference for all blush). I’m sure it would last longer if I applied it more heavily, but I don’t like to wear heavy blush.

Rude lightly applied

I have really wanted this for a long time, and the main reason I hesitated to buy it for so long was that I though it would be very similar to MUFE HD Blush in #6 – Quickie. But, it turns out that they actually are not that similar.

rude on the left; quickie on the right

As you can see, Rude is more orange-peach-coral, while Quickie is more pink-coral. The packaging is also totally different, as is the texture of the products.  Rude is in a compact, and is extremely easy to use – you simply pick up the color with your fingers or a brush, and blend in on to your cheeks. However, the downside is that it is less sanitary, and I can imagine that it will eventually dry out.  Quickie, in contrast, is packaged in a pump container, which is more difficult to use – especially since one pump is at least 5x more product than one application, so I have to be careful to only compress the pump a tiny bit.  However, it’s very sanitary, and prevents the product from drying out.

I love both colors, and I’m happy that I own both of these! I can see myself using Rude more on lazy days, but I’ll continue to use Quickie when I want something a little more pink, or something a little more long-lasting.


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A Wishlist

Here are some things I have my eye on right now:

Illamaqua Rude Cream Blush – I already wanted this, but Makeup & Macaroon’s post really cemented my desire!

image from

Illamasqua Tweak Powder Blush – thanks to Victoria’s fantastic post on bright blushes

image from

MAC Flower Fantasy Pearlmatte Face Powder

 image from the MAC vera press release

I guess I’m in a blush kind of mood . . . what’s on your current wishlist?


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