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Matte Black Eyeshadow Comparison – Swatch of The Day

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best matte black eyeshadow -  comparison swatches

See labeled photos below for shade names

Looking for the best matte black eyeshadow? For today’s swatch of the day, I have a comparison of all my matte (including two nearly matte) black eyeshadows.

matte black eyeshadow comparison swatches

1.  From the Lorac Pro Palette – a fantastic palette, but quite a sheer black.

2.  From the now-discontinued Wet n Wild Greed Palette, which is a long-time favorite of mine. This black is fantastic – it’s my general go to when I need a black eyeshadow.

3.  Wet n Wild Panther – the mattel black WnW single.  This is a good quality black single eyeshadow for $2, and I would recommend this one if you’re looking for a black.

4.  From Wet n Wild’s limited edition Matte Palette (mine is Drinking a Glass of Shine; it’s also been released as the I Heart Matte Palette).  This seems to be the same formula as Panther. It’s almost, but not quite, matte – there’s a tiny bit of shimmer which you can’t really see in photographs.

5.  Milani Pitch Black single eyeshadow – this is a great, very pigmented black, but it’s very soft – it crumbled a little when I swatched it, and I think half the ones I’ve seen in-store have been shattered.

matte black eyeshadow comparison -004

6. From the Sleek Original Palette – this shadow is very hard, and the payoff is not very great. Useable, but not a great shadow.

7.  From the Illamasqua Neutral Palette, which I love – this is a great black, very smooth and neither too soft nor too hard.  It’s also available as a single directly from Illamasqua, but Sephora (which carries some Illamasqua single eyeshadows), does not carry this shade.

8.  Urban Decay Blackout – available as a single eyeshadow, though mine is from the limited edition 15th Anniversary Palette.  Not recommended – sheer and does not blend easily – not worth the price when there are better, cheaper, alternatives.

9.  Makeup Geek Corrupt – just look at the swatch! This shadow has a matte base with some sparkle.  It is fairly soft and has a lot of fallout, but may be worth it to you for the intense blackness – nothing else comes close.

What’s your favorite matte black eyeshadow?

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Milani New Powder Eyeshadows Review, Swatches, Photos

Milani Powder Eyeshadows: Pitch Black, Tickled Pink, Pearl, Caramel Brown

Milani Powder Eyeshadows: Pitch Black, Tickled Pink, Pearl, Caramel Brown

A while ago, I started seeing swatches of Milani’s new powder eyeshadows around the beauty blogs.  In particular, Temptalia reviewed a few, and her swatches of Caramel Brown and Pitch Black made me want to try them out! Caramel Brown is just gorgeous, and I sort-of collect matte black eyeshadows (I have a comparison post here).

I bought Pitch Black a while ago (and was not planning to review it, which is why it has been used).  These eyeshadows are only available at CVS, and the CVS stores in my area carry only a limited selection, so I ordered the other three online.  CVS.com had the best price, but was out of stock on most of the shades I wanted, so I ended up ordering from Cherryculture.

I have the following colors: Pitch Black, a matte black; Tickled Pink, a soft pink with gold flash/duochrome, Pearl, an off-white that would make a fantastic inner eye highlight shade, and Caramel Brown, a really lovely golden bronzey brown.

The packaging of the eyeshadows is a little bit bulky, but overall quite functional, sturdy and easy to use. I appreciate the clear lids.  I actually depotted all four after taking the photos for this post (they were easy to depot), and I now have them stored in palette, which I prefer.

The texture of all four eyeshadows is excellent – smooth and silky.  Black matte eyeshadows can be tricky to get right, but Pitch Black is very even and pigmented.  The three shimmers, Tickled Pink, Pearl, and Caramel Brown, are a little les pigmented than I expected, but very smooth and easy to build up. Below, I’ve swatched all four eyeshadows with a sponge-tip applicator on bare skin.

Milani Pitch Black, Tickled Pink, Pearl Caramel Brown - swatches

Milani Pitch Black, Tickled Pink, Pearl Caramel Brown – flash

I also swatched the three shimmers over primer (NYX HD).  The primer hadn’t dried down completely, and it really shows the full potential of the shadows – you can see the golden flash of Tickled Pink, and the pigmentation and color of Caramel Brown is just lovely.

Milani Tickled Pink, Pearl, Caramel Brown - swatches

Milani Tickled Pink, Pearl, Caramel Brown

Overall, I’m really happy with all four of the Milani Powder eyeshadows.  They are great quality, a good price ($5 – $8, depending on where you buy them), and lovely colors.  Recommended!

Illamasqua Neutral Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Illamasqua Neutral Palette

When the Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism collection was released, there was one piece that especially caught my eye – the Neutral Palette.  As soon as I swatched it in Sephora, I knew it was an absolute must for me – the colors are exactly my style, and the quality is amazing.

The Neutral Palette is packaged very similarly to most of Illamasqua’s products, in their signature-shaped black compacts.  Unlike their blush (which has a clear lid), it has a solid lid with a mirror.  I prefer the clear lid so I can see what’s inside, but this way is fine too.  It is very sturdy and lovely. Here is a photo next to a blush (Hussy, which I will review soon), so you can see the relative size.

The Neutral Palette contains four eyeshadows – three mattes and one metallic.  The mattes are ivory Stealth, cool brown Wolf and matte black Obsidian, and the fourth shade is a metallic / shimmery gold Vintage.  Vintage is exclusive to the palette, but the other three shades are available as singles on the Illamasqua site.  I see Wolf on the Sephora site, but Sephora doesn’t carry the full Illamasqua line, and they don’t seem to have Stealth or Obsidian at this time.

The quality of all four eyeshadows is fantastic. They are incredibly smooth and pigmented. The mattes remind me of Inglot’s mattes, only perhaps even better, and Vintage reminds me of the best of Urban Decay eyeshadows. They apply and blend beautifully.  I haven’t tested out wear extensively, but I always wear a primer and I never have a problem with anything creasing on me – I’ll update this review if I do have a problem, but I can’t imagine that I will.

Although it only has four shades, this palette seems quite versatile as well.  You could use Stealth all over the lid and to highlight, then use Wolf in the crease to define the eye socket for a very subtle look.  You could use Wolf on the lid, and add Obsidian to the crease for a smokey eye.  You could add Vintage to any look, either lightly just to add some shimmer, or heavily (or wet) to add an intense metallic look.

The Neutral Palette is $42.50 at Sephora, or £30/approximately $47 at Illamasqua.com, and I think it is worth every penny.

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The Best Matte Black Eyeshadow – Comparison, Swatches

I’m a little bit obsessed with finding the best matte black eyeshadow, and today I have comparison swatches of six different matte black eyeshadows for you!

Three of the six are in palettes:

Urban Decay Blackout, from the 15th Anniversary Palette
The matte black from the Sleek Original Palette
The matte black from the Wet n Wild Greed Palette (discontinued)

Three of the six are individual shadows:

Wet n Wild Panther
Sugarpill Bulletproof
Makeup Geek Corrupt – note that this is a matte base with some sparkle, but appears mostly matte, so I included it.

In the order listed above, here are swatches (one swipe only), without primer

Matte black eyeshadow comparison swatches

UD Blackout; Sleek Original; WnW Greed; WnW Panther; Sugarpill Bulletproof; MUG Corrupt

As you can see, all apply quite well, but MUG Corrupt is by far the most pigmented with only one swipe and no primer.

Next, I did one-swipe swatches over Too Faced Shadow Insurance – but this looked virtually identical to the above photo, so it wasn’t useful. So, I did multiple swipes over TFSI; this shows how deep a black it is possible to achieve with each shadow.

As you can see, the blacks vary significantly in intensity.  Here are my thoughts on each shade:

matte black eyeshadow swatches - UD Blackout; Sleek Original; WnW Greed; WnW Panther; Sugarpill Bulletproof; MUG Corrupt

UD Blackout; Sleek Original; WnW Greed; WnW Panther; Sugarpill Bulletproof; MUG Corrupt

Urban Decay Blackout:  Smooth, medium pigmentation. Good quality, but not excellent. Available as a single for $18, and not worth that price.

Sleek Original: Very hard, medium to poor pigmentation.  It’s a great palette, but don’t buy it for the black!

Wet n Wild Greed palette: Very soft, excellent pigmentation. Discontinued, but still available on Amazon and Ebay – I love this palette and I would highly recommend picking it up!

Wet n Wild Panther single: Very soft, medium pigmentation. Good quality, and definitely worth buying for $2.  Available on drugstore.com & in drugstores.

Sugarpill Bulletproof – Soft, but poor pigmentation – I had high expectations for this one and was disappointed.  Not recommended.  If you buy it, shipping is less expensive from the Makeup Geek store than the Sugarpill store.

Makeup Geek Corrupt – Very soft and smooth, excellent pigmentation. Note that it has some sparkle. Only $6 in pan form, $8 in compact form – buy online at the Makeupgeek store.

I haven’t tested all of these out yet on my eyes for wear time, but once I get the chance to do that, I’ll do another post with all of that information!

What’s your favorite matte black eyeshadow?

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