Wet n Wild Walking the Red Carpet & Flirting at the After Party Spring 2014 Eyeshadow Palettes: Review & Swatches

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Wet n Wild recently released a limited edition collection for Spring 2014, called “The Style Award Goes To . . .” The collection includes six Megalast nail polishes (I swatched two of them) and two 8-pan eyeshadow palettes, which I have for you today.

Frankly, I hesitated to buy these. Wet n Wild used to have a fantastic eyeshadow formula, but many of their latest released (such as the permanent 5-pan eyeshadow palettes) were not up to par. However, after posting a picture of the display on Instagram and receiving several comments that these eyeshadows are the old, good quality formula, I caved. And I’m glad I did! I don’t think these eyeshadows are  as good as the best of Wet n Wild, but they’re decent palettes with a few stand-out shades.

I first swatched them with a sponge tip applicator (no primer, as always). Then, I swatched using my fingertip – this always results in better pigmentation due to the skin’s natural oils (and still with no primer).

Wet n Wild Walking The Red Carpet swatches

Walking The Red Carpet – swatched with a sponge tip applicator

WnW Walking the Red Carpet - swatches

Walking the Red Carpet – swatched with fingertip

Wet n Wild Walking The Red Carpet swatches-4

Walking the Red Carpet – Right Eyelid Shade – Over Pixie Epoxie

Walking the Red Carpet, notable shades:

The left-hand eyelid shade is lovely. It has medium pigmentation, and is only hard to see in the swatch because it’s similar to my skintone. Love this shade.

The right-hand eyelid shade is amazing. It’s a loosely packed, sort of flaky shimmer-glitter.  It doesn’t adhere well on dry skin, but I also swatched it over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxie, and it is gorgeous. This shade makes the whole palette worth it for me.

Wet n Wild Flirting At The Afterparty swatches-4

Flirting At The Afterparty – swatched with a sponge tip applicator


Flirting at the Afterparty – swatched with fingertip

Flirting at the After Party, notable shades:
The left-hand browbone shade is sheer, but with a really lovely, delicate sparkle.

The left-hand eyelid shade has fantastic pigmentation, and is a unique-in-my-collection blue/purple/lavender – I love it, and this is the shadow that makes this palette worth it to me. It is matte with a delicate sparkle.

The left hand crease shade is also great – a pigmented matte lavender, slightly lighter than the shade above it.

Overall, I do like these palettes & I do recommend them. They aren’t as good as, for example, the discontinued Wet n Wild 6-pans, but there are enough unique and high quality shades in each palette to make them worth it.

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  • OOO Walking the Red Carpet looks like a winner! I like how it has one side of cooler/more neutral neutrals, and one side of very warm gold blingy ones!

  • It’s nice to hear there’s aren’t as bad as some of their other recent releases, though I really wish they’d get back to their best formula. I feel like they had such a big surge in attention and people keep hoping they’ll keep up the quality, but it’s starting to seem like they probably won’t

  • I’m a little sad that the quality of WNW palettes are not what they use to be. I wonder what happened! These do swatch very nicely though, going to keep an eye out for Walking the Red Carpet!

  • Bellyhead

    Wow, that gold is beautiful!

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