Wet n Wild Rereleased 2011 Ice Baby Collection — But They’re Not the Same: A Comparison


New WnW Ice Baby Fan Favorites Rerelease

Wet n Wild has a endcap display out at Walgreens called the Fan Favorites display. It’s mostly filled with permanent products, but at the bottom of the display, there’s something exciting: a re-release of 7 of the 8 polishes from the limited-edition 2011 Holiday Ice Baby Color Icon polishes.  However, upon closer inspection, I have disappointing news: several of the polishes are different from the original release, and instead are rebottled Fergie polishes.

Let’s go through the polishes one at a time.

WnW Rockin Rubies No Place Like Home comparison

Rockin’ Rubies has not been changed, as far as I can tell. It was apparently re-released as Fergie No Place Like Home.

WnW 24 Carats Comparison

24 Carats: Old version, new version

WnW 24 Carats Old New Comparison Swatches

24 Carats: Old version, new version

24 Carats has been changed completely. The old polish was clear with gold bar glitter; the new polish is gold with gold glitter. I didn’t see another polish identical to the new version.

Wet n Wild Cost Is No Issue Rerelease Swatch

Cost Is No Issue Re-release: Over dark blue creme, two coats alone

Cost is No Issue was previously a small teal glitter with a larger blue glitter (I don’t have the original, but there are lots of images if you search). It is now a pale blue jelly with small and large iridescent glitter. I think that there was a WnW Wild Shine nail polish that was identical to this, but I can’t find a swatch online, and I couldn’t find it in store. Anyone know if I’m making it up, or know what I’m talking about?

WnW Believe Me It's Real Dutchess comparison

Believe Me It’s Real appears to be the same as the original (again, I don’t have it, but you can google for swatches). It is identical to Fergie Dutchess, as pictured.

WnW Back Alley Deals Comparison

Wnw Back Alley Deals: Rerelease, Original

Back Alley Deals was originally composed of a tiny purple glitter with a larger pink glitter. It is now a pink and purple glitter mix. I prefer the original! I think I’ve seen the new version somewhere – perhaps in the Spoiled line of polishes? Please comment if you recognize it!

WnW It's All in the Cut Fergie Take The Stage Comparison

It’s All in the Cut (New) vs. Fergie Take the Stage

It’s All in The Cut has transformed completely. It was previously composed of tiny lilac glitters with larger pink round glitters. Now, it’s identical to Fergie Take The Stage – small hot pink glitters with larger silver glitters.

WnW Diamonds in the Rough - Rock n Roll Comparison

Old Diamonds in the Rough // Fergie Rock n Roll // New Diamonds in the Rough

WnW Rock n Roll Diamond in the Rough Comparison Swatches

Old Diamonds in the Rough // Fergie Rock n Roll

Diamonds in the Rough is identical to the previous release, and also identical to Fergie Rock n Roll.

And, Give Me a Price Cut (chartreuse bar glitter) has not been rereleased at all.

I find this kind of games-playing with names really frustrating! Every polish should have exactly one name; no more and no less.
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  • KD

    Are you thinking of the teal polish from the speed dry holiday collection?

    • Oh, I think that might be it! Thank you so much – I’m going to check and see, I am pretty sure I bought that one.

  • Patricia H.

    I totally agree. I wish the polishes would have just one name also. It gets too confusing and leads to duplicate purchases. But, hey maybe that is what the companies want. …Love your blog btw. 🙂

  • Tara

    WOW. I just happened to find Cost is No Issue mixed in with a bunch of random sale stuff at Walgreens (even though it rang up $2.99!). I knew it didn’t look like the original but I got it anyway. When I got it home and compared it to the original I was like, whoa these are totally different! Because of your post I just realized that the new Cost is No Issue = Fergie Mermaid Curves. *sigh*

    I really, really hate when companies do this. I am super lucky in that I own 1 complete set of the originals thanks to the efforts of many lovely friends who helped me out and CP’ed them for me but…wow, I feel so sad for everyone who never got the originals and got excited for this rerelease. What a huge let-down. I personally never found the originals myself or the rereleases except Cost is No Issue which was mixed in with sale stuff (and not on sale). :/