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Drugstore Vampy Lipstick Swatch & Review

Wet n Wild Black Orchid, Revlon Black Cherry, Black Radiance Brandywine

Wet n Wild Black Orchid, Revlon Black Cherry, Black Radiance Brandywine

Today, I have three inexpensive drugstore vampy lipsticks – each slightly different, and all perfect for fall and winter. Or all year round, even! First, a comparison – they’re similar enough that the only way to really see the differences is to look at them side by side:

swatches: Wet n Wild Black Orchid (508A) Revlon Black Cherry Black Radiance Brandywine (5010)

Left to right: Wet n Wild Black Orchid Silk Finish (508A) //
Revlon Black Cherry Super Lustrous // Black Radiance Brandywine (5010)

Wet n Wild Black Orchid Silk Finish lipstick, which I have reviewed previously, is the darkest of the lot.  It’s also the least expensive, at only 99 cents (and frequently on sale).  It is moisturizing, has medium wear time, and is comfortable to wear.

WnW Black Orchid swatch

WnW Black Orchid

Revlon Black Cherry lipstick is a classic vampy lipstick shade.  It’s not as dark as the Wet n Wild, or as bright as the Black Radiance.  It’s a drier formula than the other two, and I found that it emphasized any dry spots on my lips. I actually applied, was horrified, wiped it off, did a lip exfoliation scrub, and reapplied. It still emphasized some flakes – as you can see below –  but it looks a lot better than before.  Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks are $7.99 (though price may vary by region).

Revlon Black Cherry swatch

Revlon Black Cherry

I bought Black Radiance Brandywine on a whim – it’s my first Black Radiance product – and I was pleasantly surprised when I applied it. It’s very creamy and moisturizing, but not slippery at all. Since the same company, Markwins, owns both Wet n Wild and Black Radiance, I guess it’s not surprising that Black Radiance products are high quality! This lipstick is similar to the Revlon, but brighter in color and creamier in texture. It’s so beautiful – I definitely recommend it.  It was $1.99 at Rite Aide.

Black Radiance Brandywine swatch

Black Radiance Brandywine

Out of these three, I would recommend Wet n Wild Black Orchid and Black Radiance Brandywine.  I found the flake-emphasizing qualities of Revlon Black Cherry to be a dealbreaker, and I’ll be getting rid of mine at some point.

And, as a final note, here’s a full-face photo with Brandywine:

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks Swatches & Review

Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipsticks:  Mink Brown (506B), Black Orchid (508A), Dark Wine (522A), Cinnamon (509A),  Cherry Frost (514A), Hot Red (519A), Hot Paris Pink (520E)

Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipsticks: Mink Brown (506B), Black Orchid (508A), Dark Wine (522A),
Cinnamon (509A), Cherry Frost (514A), Hot Red (519A), Hot Paris Pink (520E)

Wet n Wild’s Silk Finish lipsticks are one of the drugstore’s greatest semi-hidden gems; only 99 cents, and a formula that wouldn’t be out of place in a high end brand.  It took me a long time to try them – the packaging looks a bit cheap, and a lot of the colors are frosty – but I am SO GLAD that I finally did.

Today, I have swatches of seven of the shades for you. I’ve previously swatched four of them (three reds and a pink), but I thought it would be most convenient to have all the swatches in one place, so they’re all included in this post.

The packaging is plastic and not very attractive, but quite functional.  I love the formula; it’s smooth, creamy, and moisturizing, but not slippery or greasy.  The darker colors last for several hours on me, and fade evenly.  I don’t notice a scent or taste when I apply, though if I sniff the lipstick up close I do smell that lipstick-y/ plastic-y scent that some lipsticks have.


Mink Brown (506B), Black Orchid (508A), Dark Wine (522A) swatches

Mink Brown (506B), Black Orchid (508A), Dark Wine (522A)

Cherry Frost (514A), Hot Red (519A), Cinnamon (509A) swatches

Cherry Frost (514A), Hot Red (519A), Cinnamon (509A)

Hot Paris Pink (520E) swatch

Hot Paris Pink (520E)

lip swatches:

WnW Mink Brown lip swatch

WnW Mink Brown

Mink Brown is VERY brown; perhaps it’s wearable alone if you’re going for a 90s look, or if you have different coloring than I do. But, I don’t see myself wearing it alone. However, it’s a great mixing shade – below I’m wearing Mink Brown blotted, topped with MAC Blankety, then topped with Essence My Favorite Milkshake gloss. I really like how the combination turned out – it’s a very wearable nude, much more so than Mink Brown or Blankety alone.

WnW Mink Brown + MAC Blankety + Essence My Favorite Milkshake

WnW Black Orchid lip swatch

WnW Black Orchid

Black Orchid is my new favorite lipstick. I have been looking for a dark, sort of vampy color like this for fall, and this one is PERFECT. Search over!

WnW Dark Wine lip swatch

WnW Dark Wine

Dark Wine is similar to Black Orchid, but a touch lighter and more purple.

WnW Cherry Frost lip swatch

WnW Cherry Frost

Cherry Frost is pulls very pink on me, as do most bright reds. It’s not my favorite.

WnW Hot Red  lip swatch

WnW Hot Red

I like Hot Red – but again, it pulls pink on me (though that’s not very apparent from this picture).

WnW Cinnamon lip swatch

WnW Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a gorgeous dark/bright red.  It was my favorite of the Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipsticks; but now it’s been bumped to second place by Black Orchid.

WnW Hot Paris Pink lip swatch

WnW Hot Paris Pink

Hot Paris Pink is a bright pink. I like this one a lot.

Overall, I love the Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipstick line.  Great formula, some great colors, and if the packaging bothers you, you can always depot into a palette. Recommended!

Inexpensive Drugstore Red Lipstick Swatches & Comparison

Today, I have something slightly different for you – a comparison of eight different drugstore red lipsticks.  And, not only are these drugstore brands, these are cheap drugstore brands – NYC and Wet n Wild. Each lipstick is either 99 cents (the NYC lipsticks and Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipsticks) or $1.99 (the WnW Mega Last lip colors).

Swatches: WnW Stoplight Red, WnW Red Velvet, WnW Hot Red, WnW Cherry Frost, WnW Cinnamon,  NYC Retro Red, NYC Sheer Red, NYC Ruby

WnW Stoplight Red, WnW Red Velvet, WnW Hot Red, WnW Cherry Frost, WnW Cinnamon,
NYC Retro Red, NYC Sheer Red, NYC Ruby

I am fairly picky about texture, but I really like all three of these lipstick formulas.  The WnW Mega Lasts are probably my favorite – just because I love matte lipstick – but the Silk Finish and NYC lipsticks are also very nice; creamy, moisturizing, and not greasy.  (I can’t stand a greasy – slippery feeling lipstick – I avoid Wet n Wild’s Mega Shield lipsticks and NYX lipsticks because of their textures.)

Here are the lip swatches; please note that bright red lipsticks often pull pink on me (which is why I tend to prefer deeper reds).  All photos are in natural light.

WnW Mega Last Stoplight Red

WnW Mega Last Stoplight Red – matte, slightly cool

WnW Mega Last Red Velvet

WnW Mega Last Red Velvet – matte, slightly warm

WnW Silk Finish Hot Red 519A

WnW Silk Finish Hot Red 519A- creme, a slight sheerness, bright

WnW Silk Finish Cherry Frost 514A

WnW Silk Finish Cherry Frost 514A – sparkle/shimmer – not really frosty

WnW Silk Finish Cinnamon 509A

WnW Silk Finish Cinnamon 509A- deep red creme with some sheerness, very lovely

NYC Retro Red

NYC Retro Red – very pigmented, classic pin-up true red

NYC Sheer Red

NYC Sheer Red – buildable deep sheer red

NYC Ruby

NYC Ruby – sort of pink and frosty, do not like

My favorites are Stoplight Red, Cinnamon, Retro Red, and Sheer Red – if you bought those four, you’d spend $5 and have your matte, dark, bright, and sheer red lip options covered!

You can also check out my drugstore nude and neutral lipstick post here; my drugstore vampy lipstick post here; and my mid/high end red lipstick swatch post here.

Wet n Wild 520E Hot Paris Pink Silk Finish Lipstick Review, Swatches, Photos

When I read on Temptalia that this 99 cent lipstick is similar (albeit pinker) to MAC’s Watch Me Simmer, I knew I had to go out and get it!

As I’ve written before, I really like the Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipsticks. The texture is quite nice – moisturizing and creamy, but not slippery.  They’re very comfortable to wear, and they don’t dry out my lips at all.  I tested out the wear on this one, and it lasted about three hours, which I think is respectable for a moisturizing, glossy-finish lipstick.  At the end of the three hours, there was still color on my lips, but it was quite faded and clearly ready for a reapplication.

The packaging does look and feel quite cheap, but it’s fully functional, and that’s all I need from such an inexpensive product.  Do note that the lipstick doesn’t fully retract, if that’s something that bothers you.  It does come sealed with plastic, which is great – I hate unsealed drugstore products, and usually refuse to buy them in-store (I’ll order them online instead).

Hot Paris Pink is a really pretty bright pink that leans coral. It’s very pigmented, and the arm swatch stained my arm, though it was easy to remove from my lips.  The color is unique in my stash; I looked through the lipsticks I own, and I really don’t have anything quite like it.  It’s a great statement lip!

I’m really loving this color, and I’m loving the Wet n Wild Silk Finish line of lipsticks overall.  Many of them are far too frosty for me, but the cremes are really quite lovely.

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Red Lipsticks Review, Swatches, Photos

I’ve always thought of Wet n Wild’s 99 cent Silk Finish lipstick line as being full of frosty and unwearable shades, but today while browsing at the drugstore I noticed that they had several lovely looking red cremes. Since I love red lipsticks – and especially affordable red lipsticks – I thought I’d pick up a couple of the Silk Finish lipsticks and compare them for you.

I picked up three reds. Like most Wet n Wild lipsticks, the number is on the lipstick, and the name is on the packaging only. I have 514A Cherry Frost (which is not actually frosty), 519A Hot Red, and 509A Cinnamon.

The formula is really great – they’re smooth, creamy, and moisturizing, without being slippery or greasy at all. They have a glossy finish, and although I haven’t had a chance to test out wear yet, I would estimate based on feel that it’s normal for a glossy, moisturizing lipstick (not as long as a matte, of course). They are very comfortable to swatch and to wear.

The packaging looks and feels cheap. It’s quite functional, but not nice at all. For 99 cents, I can overlook this though!

And, the swatches!

As you can see, these look quite similar swatched on my arm.  On the lip, Cherry Frost and Hot Red do look similar, but Cinnamon is much deeper and definitely my favorite.

Cherry Frost

Cherry Frost

Hot Red

Hot Red



I also swatched these next to a couple of my other favorite drugstore reds – NYC Sheer red, which is clearly a very different red, and a Wet n Wild Megalast 911D Stoplight Red, which is very similar in color to the three Silk Finish lipsticks, but has a matte finish.

If you have a hard time finding Wet n Wild in stores, you can find it online at Amazon.com (affiliate link), ebay, and sometimes on drugstore.com

Do you have a favorite inexpensive red lipstick?

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