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Wet n Wild Topping Collection Photos & Swatches

wet n wild toppings collection -  frosted over

Frosted Over

Last April (or perhaps in late February), Wet n Wild released the Be Jeweled collection – five limited edition Color Icon nail polishes in special packaging, which I swatched in this post.  The Bejeweled Collection are all very dense tiny glitters with larger rainbow glitters (similar to the Sinful Colors glitters I swatched yesterday) – some of which were also duochrome when layered over black. Here is the Bejeweled collection, to refresh your memory:

wet n wild be jeweled collection swatches

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This year, Wet n Wild has released another very similar collection, called the Toppings collection.  Again, the polishes are special-packaging Color Icon polishes (though the packaging is totally different), and again the polishes have small glitter plus larger rainbow glitter (though the glitter is significantly less dense than last year’s polishes). Thus far I’ve only purchases one polish, because I initially though the polishes were basically identical to last year’s polishes, but they are more different than I though, so I will be buying a few more today & I’ll update this post with more swatches in a couple hours.  This year’s polishes have fewer pieces of small glitter, so the glitter is less dense, and but a similar overall effect.  Once again, some shades are duochrome and some are not.  Here are the three shades I purchased together (close-up shots are below)

wet n wild topping collection swatches

And here’s this year’s display:

wet n wild toppings collection

Note that the labels are right side up when the bottles are upside down, and the bottles are not labeled with the color names otherwise. Quite annoying! The bottles are also so tall that most normal nail polish storage won’t work for them (the “sticks” are not removable). I did find that they are very easy to use.

Here are bottle shots of all the shades, with swatches when available:

wet n wild Confessions of a Bake-aholic

Confessions of a Bake-aholic

Confessions of a Bake-aholic is silver – no duochrome is visible in the bottle.

wet n wild Chip On Your Shoulder

Chip On Your Shoulder

Chip On Your Shoulder looks pink to me, it might have a slight duochrome, but I’m not sure.

wet n wild Frosted Over Sprinkled With Love

Frosted Over // Sprinkled With Love

Frosted Over & Sprinkled With Love both have strong duochromes, and I purchased both. Frosted Over is teal shifting to purple, and Sprinkled With Love is purple shifting to blue. As you can see, I’ve swatched each alone and over black, and you can only see the color and duochrome when they are over black.

wet n wild toppings frosted over swatch

Frosted Over

wet n wild sprinkled with love swatches

Sprinkled With Love

Moving on –

wet n wild Gimme Some Suga'

Gimme Some Suga’

Gimme Some Suga’ is an olive green. I also purchased this one:

wet n wild gimme some suga' swatches

Gimme Some Suga’

Again, the color is really only visible over black.

wet n wild Icing Backup

Icing Backup

It took me a while to figure out the name of this one (Icing/ I Sing Backup). It looks similar to Chip On Your Shoulder – a bit more purple.

Any of these interest you?