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Rimmel ScandalEyes Show Off Mascara Review, Swatches, Photos

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Rimmel ScandalEyes Show Off MascaraI haven’t tried very many Rimmel products, so during a 50% off sale at Walgreens, I picked up the new Scandal Eyes Show Off mascara – mainly because I was intrigued by the brush.  I’ve seen several brushes with a spiked ball on the tip, but this is the first I’ve tried.   Continue reading

NYC HD Eyeshadow Trios: Swatches & Review

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NYC HD Eyeshadow Trios

High-quality neutral eyeshadows can be difficult to find at the drugstore, so I was excited when I learned that NYC had released several new eyeshadow trios – and many of them were neutrals! Per the NYC website, there are 12 trios, and 5-6 of them look to be neutral; I’ve only seen six of them in-store so far (in permanent displays at CVS and temporary displays at Rite Aid), and those displays had the pictured four neutral quads. Drugstore.com has eleven of the trios available for purchase.

The suggested retail price of the trios is $2.99 each; I had $1 off coupons and bought them on sale, so I ended up paying only about a dollar per trio.


NYC HD Eyeshadow Trios

Long Beach Sands // Bronzed in Brooklyn // Late Night Latte // Central Park Plums

The eyeshadows trios are packaged in slim black compacts; I appreciate that there isn’t much space wasted, and they also look like they would be easy to depot.

The textures of the eyeshadows vary; some are sheer and sparkly, some have satin finishes, some are shimmers,  and some have almost no payoff at all.  I would say that the texture/payoff/pigmentation level ranges from very poor to acceptable; none of the eyeshadows rise to the level of good.

nyc long beach sands swatches

Long Beach Sands

Long Beach Sands:
Browbone shade: A little too soft – lots of fallout, decent payoff.
Lid shade: One of the better shades, a smooth satin.
Crease shade: Not much payoff, a satin.

nyc bronzed in brooklyn swatches

Bronzed in Brooklyn

Bronzed in Brooklyn:
Browbone shade: Very poor pigmentation, barely shows up.
Lid shade: Okay-ish; takes multiple swipes.
Crease shade: One of the better shades – satin finish.

nyc late night latte swatches

Late Night Latte

Late Night Latte:
Browbone shade: Shows up okay, okay texture.
Lid shade: The worst shade of the bunch – too hard, barely shows up.
Crease shade: Too sheer, but does show up.

nyc central park plums swatches

Central Park Plums

Central Park Plums:
Browbone shade: An okay shade – sheer but decent.
Lid shade: Another okay but sheer shade.
Crease shade: Not much payoff, does show up with multiple swipes.

Overall, I can’t recommend any of these trios — even for a dollar; they’re just too inconsistent and the quality isn’t there.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive neutral eyeshadow trio, go for one of Wet n Wild’s instead; they’re the same price and miles better.

*As noted in this review, I purchased all four of these trios.  This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.