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Tutorial: Nail Art Using Gel Pens

nail art using gel pens

My first, very amateur attempt!

If you’d like to try nail art, but don’t want to invest in nail art brushes or are scared to start painting, one easy way to start is by using gel pens (the most well known gel pens are gelly roll pens, but I used these silver & gold uniball gel pens for this tutorial).

uniball gel pens

The technique is very, very simple. First, paint your nails as you would normally, including topcoat. Wait for them to dry fully (so that you don’t dent them with the pen).

Then, you can draw on them! If you make a mistake, don’t worry – the pen washes off easily with just water.

gel pen nail art

When you’re happy with your design, wait for the gel ink to dry – this only takes about 15 seconds – and seal with topcoat.  You’re done! I even made a little graphic:

tutorial - nail art with gel pens

Let me know if you try this! And please note that I didn’t come up with this idea; I’ve read about it online, but I have a specific source – I think I’ve read about it in multiple places over the last few months.

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