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Maybelline Limited Edition Fashion Week 2013 Color Goes Electric Overview

maybelline color goes electric display

Rite Aid Display

Maybelline recently released a new limited edition collection for Fashion Week Spring 2013, the Color Goes Electric collection. I’ve seen several different displays, and to the best of my knowledge it contains the following items:

Four LE eyeshadow palettes (sorry, I don’t have a close-up photo of these)

  • Electric Emerald
  • Natural Shock
  • Striking Blue
  • Violet Volt

maybelline color goes electric polish

Ten LE ColorShow nail polishes

  • Lustrous Lime
  • Blast of Blue
  • Intense Teal
  • Shock Wave
  • Flash of Purple
  • Precious Plum
  • Alluring Rose
  • Coral Glow
  • Mesmerizing Magenta
  • Orange Extreme

maybelline color goes electric lipstick

Four LE ColorSensational Vivids lipsticks

  • Electric Fuschia
  • Pop of Cherry
  • Orange Edge
  • Infra-Red
maybelline color goes electric lip gloss-2

Top down: Striking Peach, Riveting Rose, Punch of Pink

maybelline color goes electric lip gloss

Top down: Knockout Pearl, Mirrored Plum, Fiercely Fuschia

Six LE ColorSensational lip glosses

  • Knockout Pearl
  • Mirrored Plum
  • Fiercely Fuschia
  • Riveting Rose
  • Punch of Pink
  • Striking Peach

maybelline color goes electric eyeliners

Three LE MasterDrama eyeliners  plus one new, permanent shade

  • Purple Punch
  • Midnight Master (marked “new” instead of limited edition)
  • Black Spark
  • Stormy Navy

maybelline color goes electric blush

Three LE baked blushes

  • Golden Fuse
  • Coral Burst
  • Wild Blossom

And one re-promoted, permanent, mascara – the Falsies (or perhaps it was the Falsies Flared, or both – I didn’t pay attention to this part of the display!).

Thus far, I’ve only purchased the Coral Burst blush – which is screamingly bright orange – and I’ll have that review up for you shortly!