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Reviews Revisited: Volume VI

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reviews revisited -2

It’s time for Reviews Revisited, where I discuss what I now think about products I’ve previously reviewed.

Back in Fall 2012, I purchased a set of eight mini Fresh Sugar lip treatment balms from Sephora. The set included the six tinted balms that were available at the time (Petal and Cherry have been added; Coral is no longer available at Sephora, but is on the Fresh website) as well as two clear balms – the regular one and the advanced therapy one.

fresh sugar lip treatments

I didn’t really review these at the time – I just swatched them and noted that I didn’t find them to be particularly moisturizing as compared to some other favorites. I still agree with that assessment – in fact, I really think of these as sheer lip colors that as a bonus are a little bit moisturizing.  I do enjoy them as lip colors, and I continue to wear them regularly (except Plum, which is just too sheer for my tastes). I frequently reach for them on days when my lips are not in good condition, as they don’t cling to flakes or emphasize uneven texture. However, when my lips are in better condition, I usually prefer a different texture of lip product.  The Fresh balms are a bit too slippery, transfer too easily, and wear off too quickly to be something I really love all the time instead of something I like for certain occasions.

fresh sugar tinted lip treatment balm swatches

I even re-swatched them!

Fresh Sugar tinted balm swatches - Plum Berry Passion Coral Rose Honey

And without labels: Plum // Berry // Passion // Coral // Rose // Honey

Overall, if you like sheer, balmy lip colors or if you need something for flaky-lip days, I’d recommend these, with the caveat that they’re a bit overpriced for what they are.

Maybelline Color Tattoos

Another item I’ve written about several times are the Maybelline Color Tattoos (various reviews here). I’ve written about a couple different limited edition releases and I also own a few from the permanent line. You’d think that means I love them, but I really don’t – most of them are too sheer to work well alone, and all of them are too drying for me to wear as bases for powder shadow (I think they work a lot better on those with oilier skin).  I’ve sold several, but still have seven, which is too many.

Rimmel Show Off - Apocalips

I was so excited to try the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers (aka Apocalips) that I ignored common sense and bought five to try out instead of one.  Then, I’d made such an investment that I convinced myself I really liked them.  And, they are a good quality product – but I really dislike the scent, I almost never wear them. It’s not that I can’t stand them – it’s just easier to reach for another one of my liquid lipsticks that doesn’t have the fragrance problem.

Fresh Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection: Reviews, Swatches, Photos

Fresh Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection contents

Fresh Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection contents

Ever since I received Sephora’s birthday gift this year – which was two Fresh Sugar lip treatments, clear and rose – I’ve been a big fan of Fresh’s lip products.   And I was lucky enough to have a friend give me a Sephora Friends & Family code this year, so I decided to have a mini-splurge and buy Sephora’s Fresh Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection, which is $65 and includes 8 mini lip treatments – which I believe is all the lip treatments Fresh currently makes.

If $65 ($8.13 each) for this set is too much for you, Fresh has two other holiday sets consisting of the tinted mini lip treatments.  The Fresh Sugar Addiction Mini Lip Collection is $48 (8 each) includes six of the lip treatments; it doesn’t include the Advanced Therapy clear or Sugar Fresh Plum – which happens to be the sheerest and my least favorite of the bunch.  I’d actually recommend that set.  And, if you’d rather only spend $28 ($9.33 each), the Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Trio includes minis of Passion, Honey, and Berry.

Fresh Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection - packaging

Fresh Sugar Soiree Mini Lip Collection – packaging

Fresh Sugar Soiree

so pretty lined up inside the box!

Each mini lip balm is packaged in a screw-top metal case; each is a different color.  This is the same packaging as the Sephora birthday gift and the full size items.  I like the packaging – it’s pretty and protects the lip balm.

I really like the texture of the balm. I find it quite moisturizing and very comfortable to wear, though it’s not quite as healing on my lips as Jack Black lip balm.  The tinted balm feel exactly the same as the clear ones. I haven’t tried the Advanced Lip Therapy yet though, because I want to finish up some other lip balms first. Do note that these are quite soft and a bit fragile – I never twist them very far up, to protect the balm.  They get quite soft in hot weather, but despite walking around with one in my purse on a 95 degree day, I’ve never had one melt – just soften temporarily.

On to the swatches! I swatched all six of the colored balms, and tried to arrange them so similar colors were next to each other.  I swatched my older, used Rose balm, which is why the swatch looks slightly different / not as crisp.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment Swatches - coral rose honey passion berry plum

Fresh Sugar tinted lip treatments – natural light

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment Swatches - coral rose honey passion berry plum

Fresh Sugar Tinted lip treatments – same order as above – with flash

EDIT: Here’s a better quality swatch photo. Coral was slightly melted, thus the heavier swatch – but it is the most pigmented.

Fresh Sugar tinted balm swatches - Plum Berry Passion Coral Rose Honey

Plum // Berry // Passion // Coral // Rose // Honey

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As you can see, Plum is the most sheer, followed by Rose then Honey.  Passion and Berry have about the same pigmentation level, and Coral is the most pigmented.  Plum barely shows up on me with a single layer, Rose and Honey add just a hint of color, and Passion, Berry, and Coral all show up very well.

I also took lip swatch pictures, including a no-lip-product photo for comparison purposes.  This is a fairly generous coat of each balm to better show the product; it’s possible to apply less and get a sheerer look.

no lip product

Fresh Sugar Honey lip swatch

Fresh Sugar Honey

Fresh Sugar Rose lip swatch

Fresh Sugar Rose

Fresh Sugar Coral lip swatch

Fresh Sugar Coral

Fresh Sugar  Passion lip swatch

Fresh Sugar Passion

Fresh Sugar Berry lip swatch

Fresh Sugar Berry

Fresh Sugar Plum lip swatch

Fresh Sugar Plum

Overall, this is a fantastic set, and a great value.  It’s listed as a $91 value, though I haven’t checked the math myself.  I’m very happy with it! However, since I don’t like Plum as much as the others, and I have plenty of clear balms, I would actually recommend the Fresh Sugar Addiction set instead (and it has the bonus of being slighly cheaper per item).

Are you a fan of holiday mini-sets in general, and does this one appeal to you?