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Sally Hansen Go Gold & Silk Onyx Satin Glam Swatches

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Sally Hansen Go Gold Silk OnyxSatin Glam bottles

Go Gold // Silk Onyx

As I mentioned, I purchased two of Sally Hansen’s new Satin Glam polishes a few days ago. They sell for around $5 each, and the bottle is quite small – .33oz. The bottle is identical to the Lustre Shine bottles.

Here’s the display again (and a sharper picture this time).

Sally Hansen Satin Glam display

Pink Chic // Teal Tulle // Taffeta, Black Onyx // Taffeta
Go Gold // Crystalline // Metal End // Sun Sheen

I did a quick swatch using both colors I bought, Go Gold and Silk Onyx

Sally Hansen Black Onyx Go Gold swatch

Black Onyx & Go Gold

It’s a bit difficult to see the finish in photos, but these are definitely satin / a soft matte.

Of course, you can add topcoat to make these glossy. I found that Go Gold looks doesn’t change, but topcoat makes the multicolored sparkle Black Onyx visible. I don’t have a good swatch photo of the mani topcoated, but here’s a fuzzy close up where you can see the sparkle in Black Onyx.

Sally Hansen Satin Glam swatch-2


You can also see what they look like when glossy from looking at the bottles.

I’m sure many of you are wondering how these compare to Zoya’s recently re-released satin finish shades, but I don’t own any of the Zoya satins, so I really don’t know. They do look like they have a similar finish based though, just based on swatches I’ve seen.

Do you prefer glossy nails, or do you like different textures?

Nails, Inc. Noho Leather Effect Polish – Swatch of the Day

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Nails Inc Leather Effect Noho Swatch

I’m (still!) loving the textured polish trend, and I was really wanting a black. I was waiting for a drugstore brand to release one, but since none seems forthcoming, I broke down and bought the Nails, Inc. Leather Effect Polish in Noho.  Nails, Inc.’s leather effect polishes are textured, but have a finer grain than other textured polishes I’ve tried. Nails, Inc. has another textured polish, the Concrete Effect polish, which appears to be more similar in texture to say, Milani’s textured polishes.

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