Spotted: Sinful Colors Matte Topcoat & More New Drugstore Nail Items

sinful colors matte top coat display

Sinful Colors Matte Top Coat – Display

I was at Rite Aid earlier, and saw a new Sinful Colors display, featuring a matte topcoat.  The other shades in the display are Black on Black, which is core, a shimmery or frosty blue (sorry, I didn’t get the name of that one!), Mesmerize, a deep purple that I believe was originally release with the Enchanted collection, and a deep grey that I think is new, called “Ardoise (Night Magic).” I purchased the matte topcoat, and I’ll have a review up shortly!

sinful colors matte top coat display-2

Sinful Colors Matte Topcoat Display – detail

At Rite Aid, I also saw some other new nail items – I saw this poorly named Ma.Nish.Ma. nail polish collection (called the Stoned collection):

manishma stoned nail color

Ma.Nish.Ma Stoned Nail Color

Ma.Nish.Ma. Stoned Nail Color

Ma.Nish.Ma. Stoned Nail Color

The colors are lovely, though!

And I saw a new brand, gelogic (or is it gel-logic?) of no-UV-gel nails (though I’m still not sure that they’re really gel nails if they don’t need UV to cure).

gel logic nail polish

Gelogic No-UV gel nail polish

I saw these Pretty Woman brand nail pearls:

drugstore nail pearls-2

Pretty Woman Nail Pearls

drugstore nail pearls

Pretty Woman Nail Pearls

And that reminded me that at Walgreens, a couple days ago, I saw these Nail Rock Nail Caviar pearls.

nail rock nail caviar pearls

Nails Rock Nail Caviar

nail rock nail caviar pearls-2

Nail Rock Nail Caviar

Whew! That’s all the new nail products I’ve seen, you made it to the end!

  • Icequeen81

    great sinfullcolors shades, I see it and I see but still caviar is not my thing

  • I can’t wait to see the review on the matte top coat. I want to try that out!

  • Yay for Sinful colors! The “gel” nails would be interested to learn more about. But um, yeah that one name… what?! So odd haha

    • rosebee

      Stoned? That doesn’t offend me at all. As a former smoker, I’m pro Mary Jane all the way. 😉 just last night though, I spotted a Sinful colour named Beau Khaki…um now THAT is weird and gross! Still not about to go petition it or anything.

  • I’ll be looking forward to the review of the matte topcoat. Currently I only own a matte topcoat from ELF, and I’m not very impressed with it. What nail polish are you wearing in the last photo? It looks very pretty!

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  • Ardoise is also in their “new” Haute Rebel collection. It’s the only really new shade of those 8.