Spotted: Sinful Colors Buff to Bright Collection

Sinful Colors Buff to Bright Display

I spotted yet another exciting display yesterday; Sinful Colors Buff to Bright.  As with most Sinful colors displays, it has a mix of limited edition and permanent shades. From left to right above, it includes:

  • Unicorn (permanent)
  • Nude (new / LE)
  • Cloud 9 (permanent)
  • Pistache (repromote / LE)
  • Genteel (repromote / LE)
  • Folly (permanent)
  • Endless Blue (repromote / LE)
  • Gogo Girl (permanent)

I figured out what is permanent / limited edition / repromoted / new via the Sinful Colors website and google; if I got anything wrong, please let me know in the comments!

Here are bottle shots of three of the four limited edition shades:

Sinful Colors Genteel


Sinful Colors Pistache


Sinful Colors Nude


This final picture is more color – accurate than the previous three:

Sinful Colors Genteel Pistache Nude As for the fourth limited edition shade, Endless Blue, I purchased it; read more about it & see swatches here.

  • K, I need Pistache lol.

  • I’ve seen this display at both Rite Aid & Walgreens, I hope you find it soon 🙂

    • Miz Chiquita

      Thank you!! Me too 🙂

  • blitherypoop

    Endless Blue is permanent at Walgreens and Target.

    • Thank you! This is great to know. It’s not listed as a core shade on the Sinful Colors website – I wonder if it was recently added to the core lineup – do you know?