Some Inglot Rainbow and Matte Eyeshadow Swatches, Review

Inglot Matte and Rainbow Eyeshadow

When I was at IMATs, I bought four of Inglot’s Rainbow eyeshadows.  Today, I have swatches of those four eyeshadows for you, along with the other four neutral Inglot eyeshadows I already own. (I also have a matte purple Inglot eyeshadow – 377 – which is in a different palette. You can see a swatch of it here.)  I store my Inglot eyeshadows in a large Z-Palette, because I prefer flip-top palettes to palettes with tops that completely remove, like Inglot’s palettes. I also dislike how difficult it is to remove eyeshadows from the Inglot palettes; I like rearranging my eyeshadow.

Here are the four neutral eyeshadows that I bought online last year:

Inglot Matte Eyeshadow – 349, 342, 363, 353

The quality of all four of these is exceptional. They are soft, smooth, pigmented, and blend easily.  I would absolutely recommend all four of these, and based on my experience with these – I would recommend any of Inglot’s single matte eyeshadows. These are 2.3g each (huge – MAC eyeshadows, by comparison, are 1.5g), and are currently $6 each on Inglot’s US website, though they were less when I bought them last year.

The rainbow eyeshadows are, unfortunately, not of the same quality as the single eyeshadows. They are the same dimensions as the single eyeshadows, but contain 2.5g of product. They sell for $8 on Inglot’s website; I am not sure, but I think I paid $7 a piece at IMATs.

Inglot 120R

120R, the grays, has so-so pigmentation and applied somewhat patchy.  The lightest color took several swipes to achieve the pigmentation you see here; the darkest color had the best pigmentation, but was the most uneven.

Inglot 117R

I had high hopes for 117R – I love the colors – but the pigmentation was a problem. As you can see, the lightest shade did not show up well at all.

Inglot 112R

112R was by far the best of the four rainbows that I bought; it applied smoothly and had very good pigmentation. While it was not as excellent as the Inglot single eyeshadows, it is absolutely a very good quality eyeshadow.

Inglot 116R

116R also had pigmentation problems.   The colors are light, but it’s possible for colors to be both light and pigmented (the single eyeshadow 353M is smooth, pigmented, and matches my skin closely so does not photograph well; in contrast, these just don’t apply very well).

Note that all swatches are with a clean, dry sponge-tip applicator on bare skin. I tried several of the rainbows over primer, and they (of course) showed up and performed better.


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