Sinful Colors Summer 2014: My Picks

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Sinful Colors Summer 2014

Embers Only // Hot Chili // Curry Up // Peppered Amazon

Sinful Colors has released three new collections for Summer 2014, each with a mix of permanent, repromoted, and new shades. You can read all the details about each collection on Nouveau Cheap. I bought one new shade from each collection (plus a repromote), and have quick swatches of them for you today.

Here’s a photo of the three displays (from my Instagram):

As you can see, Simmer Down is a collection of warm reds & yellows, Chill Out has cooler colors and brights, and Turn Up The Heat has a mix including some pastels.

Here are my picks; I went for colors unlike any I already own.

Sinful Colors Summer 2014 Swatches

Embers Only // Hot Chili // Curry Up // Peppered Amazon

From Simmer Down, I purchased Embers Only (new) and Hot Chili (repromote).  Embers Only is a jellyish red with barely visible shimmer and large red glitters. Hot Chili is a metallic red with holo glitters. It dries to a textured finish, but looks better with top coat. Here’s a review/swatch of Hot Chili I found, if you’re curious about what it looks like on the nail.

From Chill Out, I purchased Curry Up (new), a yellowed green with hidden blue shimmer and copper flecks. This one is definitely my favorite!

From Turn Up The Heat, I purchased Peppered Amazon (new), a true green with heavy silver shimmer. I love this one too. Here’s a comparison with Sinful Colors Rise & Shine, which is quite similar in the bottle but has a different type of shimmer (much finer) and Sinful Colors Mint Apple, which is actually quite different.

Sinful Colors Peppered Amazon Comparisons

Peppered Amazon // Rise & Shine // Mint Apple

And finally, the only one I’ve worn thus far is Curry Up – the photo is a bit airbrushed because my cuticles were atrocious, but the color is accurate!

Sinful Colors Curry Up swatch

Sinful Colors Curry Up

Have you seen the new Sinful Colors collections? Will you be buying any of the new colors?

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  • Icequeen81

    embers only is pretty

  • Hey! Thanks for linking my review. I really wanted to love Hot Chili but it’s just so underwhelming. I love the look of Curry Up though. I need to hunt that one down.