sally hansen peptide lip smoother, plumping lip primer

Sally Hansen New Peptide Lip Smoother & Plumping Lip Primer Review

sally hansen peptide lip smoother, plumping lip primer

Sally Hansen recently released four new lip care products, which I found in a display at CVS.  I purchased the Peptide Lip Smoother and the Plumping Lip Primer, and I have reviews of both of those for you today.  The display also included an invisible lip liner and a stick lip balm balm, but since I have a Maybelline clear lip liner and plenty of lip balm, I passed on those for now.   Here are images (from of the items I did not purchase:

Sally Hansen invisible lip liner, full & radient lip balm

As to the products I did purchase – the Peptide Lip Smoother is really interesting. It’s definitely not a traditional balm.  It’s supposed to be “skincare for lips” – and it sort of feels more like a moisturizer than a lip balm. It’s a white, milky fluid when it comes out of the tube, though it does disappear completely when applied. I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out how to describe the texture – I guess it’s sort of like a thick, slightly waxy lotion.

I do find it moisturizing, but it’s not as moisturizing as my favorite lip balms (I usually use Jack Black during the day and Nuxe Reve de Miel at night).  I planned to test it the Peptide Smoother by using it as my sole lip balm for a couple days, but my lips weren’t happy with that plan – I need my other lip balms! That said, I do really like it in combination with my other balms, and I will continue to use it.

Sally Hansen Peptide Line Smoother

The Sally Hansen Plumping Lip Primer is my very first plumping lip product and my very first lip primer.  Let me say first that I like it, and second that if you have sensitive lips, it is not for you! I am wearing it (under a lipstick) right now – I applied it about 25 minutes ago, and I still feel a minty tingle from the plumping action.  It isn’t bothering me – I don’t have sensitive skin generally – but I’d play it safe & skip it if you’ve had problems with plumping products before.  I’m not sure I can detect any plumping action going on with my lips, either.

That said, this is a really nice lip primer. It applies clear (so it doesn’t interfere with your lipstick color), and is semi-matte (so it doesn’t interfere with your lipstick finish – matte lipsticks still look matte).  It’s definitely moisturizing and makes matte lipsticks more comfortable to wear.  My lips are in pretty good condition right now, but I think it also does a decent job of smoothing out lip lines and making my lipstick look better – though I will have to see how it does when my lips are in rougher shape.

Sally Hansen Plumping Lip Primer

The real question is whether it helps my lipstick last twice as long, as it claims, and the jury is still out. I tested it with two different lipsticks (both lipsticks that don’t last very long on me), and with one it didn’t seem to lengthen the wear; with the other, it helped a lot.  I think it may depend on the texture of the lipstick and how it interacts with the texture of the primer.  And, I don’t think that most lipsticks will last twice as long – but some will last an extra hour or so with the primer.  I’ll continue to test it out, and I’ll update this post if I have any further thoughts on it.

  • Margo@PrettyPandaMakeup

    Super interesting!! I have been looking for a lip primer so this was a great heads up! The invisible liner looks cool too, as I don’t yet have one!

  • I didn’t even realise Sally Hansen did lip products! The lip smoother sounds quite interesting, especially the lotion texture. Though it’s a shame it doesn’t moisturize that well on it’s own.

  • I’m not big on lip plumpers, they tend to bother my lips, but I know many people swear by them! That anti-feather lip liner is really interesting, I’ll have to keep my eye out next time I’m at cvs