Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish New Shades Swatches & Review

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sally girl polish swatches-2

Brainy // Twinkle // Luv It // It’s So Me // Baby Doll

A while back, Sally Beauty released several new additions to the 99 cent Sally Girl polish line (the website has was recently updated by the way – much better swatches now!). If you aren’t familiar with these polishes, they’re small, but generally have good formulas.  I have a handful of them that I really like, and I bought five of the newer shades. Sometimes the bottles have the names printed on them, but sometimes they only have the item number, so I’ve included the item number for reference.  If you have a polish without a name, you can check on the Sally Beauty website (same link as above) – the website lists both name and number.

Sally Girl Brainy Twinkle Luv It It's So Me Genie Swatches

Brainy 812035 // Twinkle 812097 // Luv It 812049 // It’s So Me 812121 //  Genie 812015

All five of these polishes are fairly sheer, so I’ve shown three coats alone (left swatch of each pair) and one coat over a black creme (right swatch of each pair).

sally girl polish swatches

Brainy // Twinkle // Luv It // It’s So Me // Genie

Brainy is a supposed dupe of Deborah Lippman’s Mermaid’s Dream (and Revlon Wintermint as well) – I am not sure how close it is, but I’ve read that it’s the most sheer of the trio. Brain is a sheer is green with blue glitter; I think it would look great layered over a green, but it can also be worn alone at around 3 coats.

sally girl Brainy 812035

Brainy 812035

Twinkle is an extremely sheer blue/purple duochrome – even at three coats it’s not very visible alone. It really shines over a dark color!

sally girl Twinkle 812097

Twinkle 812097

Luv It is a sheer blue. It works alone as a sheer polish, but I definitely prefer it layered. I’ve swatched it over black here, but I’ve also worn it over a medium green color, and the combination was a jelly-like teal – so great.

sally girl Luv It 812049

Luv It 812049

It’s So Me is a very sheer purple-green duochrome. It works best layered. Below, you see it layered over black, but I’ve also layered it over grey which worked beautifully.

sally girl It's So Me 812121

It’s So Me 812121

Genie is a very sheer pink with gold iridescence. It can work alone as a sheer polish, but again it’s best layered. Over black, the gold iridescence looks deeper and more bronze. I bet it would be great over a coral or orange, but I haven’t tried that yet.

sally girl Genie 812015

Genie 812015

Overall, I love all five of these polishes – fantastic for layering, and a bargain at 99 cents each. Do note that the brush is very small, and I found it difficult to get enough polish on the brush to paint the nail wheel. My own nails are short though, so I had no trouble with the brush on them; but if you have longer nails you might get frustrated. Still, I think these are worth it!

Have you tried the Sally Girl polishes?


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  • I love brainy and it’s definitely a dupe, but more sheer. But it can be easily buildable! the other versions (in addition to those 2, the fingers mint condition polish was also a dupe for DL) are soo thick and goopy and therefor cant be layered. But Brainy can! I am so glad I discovered it and snatched it up for only 99 cents! I am definitely interested in trying other sally’s girl polishes now.