Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer (US Apocalips) Swatches & Quick Review

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Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer - Apocalips

I’ve been hearing about Rimmel’s liquid lipstick, Apocalips, for months – it’s been available in the UK since January or so – and hoping Rimmel would bring it to the US. And, it’s finally arrived, under the name Show Off Lip Laquer! I believe the formulas are identical, but I can’t find the UK ingredients to confirm (the US ingredients are listed on Drugstore.com, here – you can also puchase all the shades there, though most are out of stock at the moment).

 The UK has eight shades available, and the US has 14 shades (all eight UK shades plus six more shades). I prefer cremes to shimmers, so I bought both of the US-exclusive cremes, plus a couple of the UK/US shades that appealed to me.

UK & US shades:
– Big Bang (creme) *swatch below
– Apocaliptic (creme) *swatch below
– Stellar (creme) *swatch below
– Nova (creme)
– Galaxy (shimmer)
– Celestial (creme)
– Luna (creme)
– Nude Eclipse (creme)

US-only shades:
-Aurora (creme)*swatch below
-Comet (creme)*swatch below
-Light Year (shimmer)
-Stargazer (shimmer)
-Out of this World (shimmer)

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer - swatches - Big Bang // Apocaliptic // Stellar // Aurora // Comet

Big Bang // Apocaliptic // Stellar // Aurora // Comet

Rimmel Big Bang Show Off Lip Lacquer swatch

Big Bang

Big Bang is a true bright red.

Rimmel Apocaliptic Show Off Lip Lacquer swatch


Apocaliptic is a bright cool pink. I love this kind of pink!

Rimmel Stellar Show Off Lip Lacquer swatch


Stellar is a bright warm coral pink.

Rimmel Aurora Show Off Lip Lacquer swatch


Aurora is also a warm coral pink, but it’s not as bright as Stellar – it’s much more toned down. I think this one is my favorite.

Rimmel Comet Show Off Lip Lacquer swatch


Comet is a pink/brown. It will be a my-lips-but-better on some, and a nude on others. This is probably my second favorite – it’s surprisingly flattering!

As I think you can see, all five of the shades I purchased are incredibly pigmented. They can go on a little bit patchy, so I found the best way to apply them was to apply one layer, blot, and apply a second layer for even color.  If I did this, I had no trouble with patchiness, and the color looked good for several hours. I did find that after a couple hours (3-4), these had a tendency to look very matte in a not-great way, and some lip balm or gloss really helped refresh them.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer - applicator

Show Off Lip Lacquer Applicator

I like the applicator shape; it has a little hollow that holds product, which makes it easy to get just the right amount on my lips.  The applicator is also fairly pointed, which helps to get a clean line around the edge of my lips.

Note that these do have moderately strong artificial fruity scent. I don’t like it, but it’s not something that will prevent me from using the product, and it fades quickly. It’s not nearly as bad as as the scent of Rimmel’s Kate lipsticks, which are so strongly scented that I avoid using them.  Still, if you’re particularly sensitive to smells, you might want to skip these.

Overall, if you are a liquid lipstick fan, I would definitely recommend picking up one of these to try out! They’re available online  at Ulta.com & at drugstore.com. However, they are a permanent product, so there is no rush to buy them, and they should eventually show up in Rimmel displays at all drugstores.

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  • Allison

    Love these! I was just wondering what they were like. Thanks so much for swatching them!

  • I really love Apocalyptic, still waiting for them to show up at my local Ulta! Great swatches

    • CC

      I think they are Walgreens exclusive. It said on the display.

      • Faith

        No, they aren’t Walgreens exclusives, I found them at Target 🙂

  • Rebecca Song

    Great review Emi! In your opinion, how do they compare to the NYX lip cremes? 🙂

  • Whoaaa those are seriously pigmented! That’s too bad they go on a bit patchy–based on the swatches, I was thinking that they applied SO evenly and smoothly, too. Still, they are gorgeous and I am impressed a drugstore brand put this out. I love how Comet looks on you too! 😀

  • I really like Big Bang but they feel quite sticky so I’m not sure whether I will be purchasing or not.

  • Great swatches, thanks Emi!! I am nervous to wear a liquid lipstick after trying a Wet n Wild one that was horrific…however these look promising!