Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Stick Review & Swatches

rimmel scandaleyes shadow sticks

A few days ago, I reviewed the Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeliners. I love them so much that I decided to try another product from the Scandal Eyes line – the shadow sticks. Like most shadow sticks, you’re supposed to be able to use these multiple ways – as eyeliner, as eyeshadow base, or eyeshadown (worn alone).  There are nine shades available (or at least there are nine shades on the Ulta website – which may not have all of them) and I purchased two, Bulletproof Beige and Bad Girl Bronze.

rimmel scandaleyes bulletproof beige bad girl bronze swatches

Bulletproof Beige // Bad Girl Bronze

Above, I’ve swatched each shadow stick two ways. On the left, I have a heavy swatch, and on the right is a blended out swatch.  If you use the shadow stick as eyeliner you’ll get something more like the heavy swatch – if you use it as an eyeshadow base or an eyeshadow, you’ll get something more like the blended swatch. Unfortunately, even if you use multiple layers, it doesn’t seem possible to build up the color to the opaque swatch level when you’re using it as an eyeshadow.

Edit: I like these enough that I went back and bought a third, Paranoid Purple.  Here’s a quick swatch.

rimmel scandaleyes shadow stick paranoid purple swatch

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Paranoid Purple

In terms of texture, these are very soft and creamy.  I have some of the Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils, and the Rimmel pencils are noticeably more creamy – the UD ones are much drier and more difficult to blend.  I actually rarely use the UD ones because I have difficulty blending them – I much prefer the Rimmel texture!

I’m sure these will be compared to the Milani Shadow Eyez as well, but I haven’t tried those.  From looking at reviews, it appears that the Milani shadow sticks may be more opaque. I’m not sure how the texture compares. I may need to buy one to compare myself! If you’ve tried the Milani ones, how would you describe the texture?

I’m sure everyone’s main question is how the Shadow Sticks last and whether they crease, and I’m happy to report that they last all day on me (10+ hours) with no creasing at all.  Do note that I have slightly dry skin, so I can’t test how these would fare on someone with oilier skin.

Overall, I really like these – they’re creamy, blendable, and last all day.  They’re good for a sheer wash of color and shimmer or as a base.  The major downside is that you can’t build them up be opaque.

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  • waymire

    I find the Milani shadoweyez to be opaque but blendable. They do not “fall apart” when blended, you would have to put a little effort in to get them to sheer out like the example above. They are very “gel” like in texture.. not creamy as in smushy or smearey, but they glide on very smooth. They stay exactly where and as you put them until you take them off- even on the waterline, but they are rather limited in color.. white, warm coppery brown, pinky champagne, blue, purple, and green.. and while the earth tones are nice the colors are very bright primary tones. I much prefer a more muted, wearable color.

    Hopefully these will come to a drugstore near me soon, I do not have an Ulta and I hate to buy products new to me online. The green looks lovely, as does the gray.

    • Melissa

      This is a spot-on description. I had always hoped that Milani would make more muted colors in their shadoweyez sticks and wondered if the Rimmel were comparable. Thanks for the review.

      • waymire

        While not in stick form the new Flower creme shadows have beautiful muted colors, and are very dimensional and metallic in finish. They do hold on well over they day but not as bulletproof as the Milani. Under shadow I had no problems, alone I had the slightest bit of creasing right at the main crease line in my eye about six hours into the day. Palladio also makes shadow sticks in some gorgeous muted colors (raspberry and blue suede are two of my favorites), but they are a very dry formula completely different from these “gel” ones. They have good pigmentation and blend well without disappearing though.. they also have very good staying power.

      • waymire

        Just an update to let you know I bought some of the shadow sticks and have compared them side by side with the Milani Shadoweyez. They are almost as smooth, just as pigmented… but sheer out more, and do not perform as well with a swatch/rub test. However they do stick to my waterline just as well, and the colors are better for lining IMO. I’ve been wearing the grey almost everyday, and picked up black and brown as well.. will most likely be adding purple and dark blue soon. While Milani has brown, purple, and blue the Rimmel shades are much darker. They are my new HG TL/WL liner. Stay all day, do not run or smudge, glide on smooth, and do not bother my sensitive eyes.

        In case you are wondering why the jumbo sticks and not the liners.. I find they hold on better inside the eye. I think it might have something to do with the fact that they are formulated to resist creasing. They are not difficult to apply either. I do prefer the actual liners for lashline use, but I seldom ever wear liner on the lashline since I have hooded eyes.

  • Oh yay, I love jumbo pencils! So easy to do quick looks with them. Glad to hear these stay put as well!

  • ooo good! i’ll have to investigate these too. I have a shadoweyez but have hardly used it. ( not for any particular reason aside from too much stuff!) and i wonder how these will compare to the nyx jumbo eye pencils? 🙂

    • The only NYX jumbo eye pencil I have is Milk – I feel like it’s kind of hard to compare mattes and shimmers for some reason. But, I’d say the NYX pencils are a touch more opaque, and maybe a bit more likely to crease?

      • Ok, thanks for the comparison! That sounds good to me. 🙂

  • Icequeen81

    bad girl bronze is a nice shade

  • The good news is that there is a brochure with ingredients in the Rimmel display, I actually picked one up in order to photograph the ingredients! The bad news is that I lost it before photographing it, so I’m sorry but I don’t have the ingredients at hand. I’ll pick up another the next time I’m at the drugstore, but if you’re at a drugstore first, look around the Rimmel display and you should see the (small, black & white, non-glossy) brochure w/ ingredient info.

  • waymire

    I did a rather thorough search and could not find the ingredients anywhere online. Rimmel should really post them on their website, but it looks like the display is your only option. Sorry.

  • Laura M

    I love these shadow sticks, i really want the brown one its so pretty! X

  • Claire

    How much do they cost?

    • I linked to the Ulta website, which is selling them for $4.49 (and BOGO half off right now) – prices may vary a little bit by region and by store.

  • I have seen them at Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens in LA – they are in the permanent Rimmel displays. I also linked in the post to Ulta’s website, where you can buy them online. Drugstores in some areas of the country update their displays at different times than in other areas of the country, so I don’t know when stores near you will get them b

    • waymire

      The only place I’ve found them in my city is Walgreens in the permanent displays. I’ve bought them at two different stores.

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  • Icequeen81

    It looks more brownish to me the paranoid purple

  • NeedACleverName

    I’ve seen them everywhere but Rite Aid in my area. They are in the new permanent Rimmel display, so if your store hasn’t yet put in the new Spring 2013 display, they might not be in the permanent display.

  • NeedACleverName

    Do you have to sharpen these? I’ve seen them in the store and they do not seem to twist up from the bottom?

    • Yes – you do need to sharpen these, they don’t twist up. So you’ll lose some product, but at least they’re cheap!

      • NeedACleverName

        Thanks! I was a bit worried that the tiny amount you can see was all that you would get! 😉

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