Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish Swatches & Quick Review

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Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish

Hot Chili Pepper // Sunny Days // Mintilicious // Blue Eyed Girl //
Sweet Lavender // I Lilac You

Rimmel has had nail polish as part of it’s line for a long time (the Lasting Finish nail polish in rectangular bottles), and as far as I know they are still part of the permanent collection. New this year are the 60-second nail colors, which come in mini bottles and sell for under $2 each. During a recent sale, I bought six of the 18 available shades (I believe these are the only 18 colors available, at least in the US – there is also a clear).

Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish Swatches

Hot Chili Pepper // Sunny Days // Mintilicious // Blue Eyed Girl //
Sweet Lavender // I Lilac You

I love all six of the colors I picked out (and several of the colors I didn’t buy as well).  It’s a really great color selection; I think that 16 of the 18 polishes are cremes.   The consistency of these polishes was not great, but it was workable.  Most of the polishes were initially very thick and quite difficult to work with, so I ended up thinning them; after thinning, they were much, much better.  I found that the first coat did dry within a minute or so, but the second coat took a couple minutes to dry (and they definitely needed a second coat, and sometimes a third coat – just one was sheer and sometimes streaky).

And, nail swatches! These first five swatches are without any topcoat – all of these dried to a very glossy finish!

Rimmel Hot Chili Pepper Swatch

Hot Chili Pepper

Rimmel Sunny Days Swatch

Sunny Days

Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl Swatch

Blue Eyed Girl

Rimmel Sweet Lavender Swatch

Sweet Lavender

Rimmel I Lilac You Swatch

I Lilac You

And, this final swatch does have topcoat, because I wore it as a full manicure. Wear time was average.

Rimmel Mintilicious Swatch



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