Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Review & Swatches


Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens

The always-lovely Kate from Drivel About Frivol recently(-ish) wrote about Pixi’s Endless Silky Eye Pens. As I love a good eyeliner, I went out and bought one – I loved it so much that now I have four.

As you can see, these are not actually pens – they are pencils (the kind you sharpen – not twist-ups).  The texture of the Pixi pencils is unique among pencil eyeliners I have tried.  They’re very soft – they actually seem to me to be very, very similar to gel eyeliner in a pot, but in pencil form.  They are so soft that I find it easiest to apply them with a brush rather than directly from the pencil.  They set more slowly than other liners; they take 30-45 seconds to set if I use a small amount of eyeliner, which is the perfect amount of time to smudge them out.  However, if I use too much product, they can take even longer to set, which usually results in a mess.   Once set, however, they last all day without moving or smudging.

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Swatches

Black Blue // Black Tulip // Deep Plum // Sage Gold

Above, I’ve swatched the Pixi liners two ways. Each line is a single pass of the pencil; each square is a built up swatch.  There’s not much difference between them because the pencils are so opaque on a single swipe.   Note the different finishes – Kate classifies each of the pencils in the line in to one of three finishes in her post. I love the different colors and finishes – I’m very tempted to collect them all!

Overall, I really love the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens.  They join Prestige Total Intensity and Rimmel Scandal Eyes pencils as some of my favorite eyeliners.  Because they are softer take longer to set than other pencil liners I use, I tend to use them differently than the other liners I own.  When I’m in a hurry, I don’t reach for these. But, when I want to take my time, I can make a crisp line or smudged line with ease.

The pencils are $15 each, but Target currently has a $5 off $15 purchase coupon for Pixi Beauty here – my computer let me print it out multiple times.  You can also use the coupon online.

Are these pencils something you’ll be checking out?

  • waymire

    Too rich for my blood when there are so many cheaper options. Kind of the same problem with the Pixi line in general.. I just think they are overpriced especially in the department store market. Loving the new Rimmel scandaleyes shadow sticks, my new HG wl/tl liner.. just grabbed an actual liner today ($3.44 @ walmart) to see if it’s the same formula. NYX also makes a really great gel liner (about $6), I have one that is very, very similar to Sage Green shown above. The Prestige gel liners ($6 rite aid) are also very good.

  • Ooh, Sage Gold looks lovely! They all do, actually, but I have a soft spot for greens 🙂

  • I actually haven’t tried them on my waterline – I don’t generally wear dark colors there (& I wouldn’t use a glittery color there like Sage Gold). I’ve used them on my upper & lower lashlines, and they last well – but that doesn’t really mean anything for waterlines :/

  • Oh great, now I really want to try these! I love all the shades they have which is no good for me, lol. The formula sounds interesting to me, I think I would love them a lot!

  • Love the looks of these! I can hardly wait until Target Canada opens up!

  • L@BeautyHobbyist

    i actually picked up the green for my waterline last week but something in it makes my eyes water badly which is a shame since the range of colors is so nice :/ im hoping its just the glittery bits im going to try again with the black blue 😛

  • I have this in Black cocoa- a nice deep matte brown- and it really is amazing! Got it as part of a Pixi gift set but it’s by far the most outstanding item in the set (which included a blush, a nice lipcolour, and a sub-par eyeshadow). it is SO silky….so unlike those pencils that tug or don’t leave any colour. I have used this on both waterlines, too, and it never irritates my eyes at all! It does tend to travel a little from the lower waterline though.

  • Margo @PrettyPandaMakeup

    OOH, I have been hearing about these so much I think I need to finally cave and buy one!

  • Ahh first Kate now you have me wanting to try these sooo bad! I am curious to see how it will work on my eyes though–I know you and Kate both have lids that tend to be on the drier side (…right??) so I’m still nervous they will smudge with my super oily lids but gosh the colors are so pretty and pigmented I MUST try them!! 😀

    • Yep, I have slightly dry skin, and Kate has super dry skin – but, these do become pretty immoveable once set, so for $10 (with the coupon), I’d buy one & give it a shot 🙂 I hope they work for you!

  • Bellyhead

    Oh my goodness. These are SO gorgeous. I’m going to look at my next trip to Target.

  • We don’t have Target here yet for me to buy these (I haven’t seen them in other drugstores) but I also love me a good eyeliner – I’ll have to check these out, Emi!

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