NYC Gold Flake Topcoat Swatches & Review

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NYC Top of the Gold topcoat

I am in the process of moving (almost everything is packed, including most of my makeup & nail polish) so today I have a very short post for you. NYC recently released a new gold flake top coat called Top of the Gold – it’s on the website, so I think it’s permanent.  Note that it’s not a real-gold-flake type topcoat – more of a gold-colored flakie topcoat. It looks to be a dupe for Zoya Maria Luisa – but I don’t own the Zoya to compare.

NYC Top Coat Gold-2

Above, I have two coats alone on the left and one coat layered over two different polishes in the middle / on the right.  The polish is a bit thick/goopy, and I found that unless you allow it to dry completely, you can’t do a second coat – it will be uneven. I think it would be fairly opaque in three coats, but I didn’t have the patience for that!

However, when layered, it looks best (I think) applied in one thin layer – and a single thin layer is easy to apply evenly.

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty! For $1.99, I’d definitely recommend it!