New Disclosure Policy

FTC Disclosure Screenshot

As you may have heard, the FTC recently added some detail to its guidelines about how blogs should disclose advertising – which includes affiliate links, products received for consideration, and sponsored posts (as well as sponsored tweets and other social media posts). This is a great post by Beauty & Fashion Tech that interprets the new guidance – if you have a blog, it’s worth a read, as is the original FTC document.

My disclosure policies are on my “Policies” page, which is located just below the mascara wand on my header.  Prior to the new guidance, my policy was to add a statement to the bottom of each post disclosing any press samples or affiliate links; if I purchased the featured product myself and there were no affiliate links, I didn’t include any disclosure statement.

Now, all review and swatch posts contain two disclosures about how I acquired the product. The first disclosure is in the form of a button at the very top of the post; the button states either “Purchase” or “Press Sample” as applicable. If the post contains multiple products, the post may have both buttons.  The buttons link to my full disclosure policy.  At the end of the post, I will again state that products were either purchased or received for consideration. I will also note which specific products (if any) were press samples.

If a post contains affiliate links, I have a button I will add to the top of each post, and I will also state that affiliate links were used at the end of the post.  Thanks (again!) to Fashion & Beauty Tech for her tutorial on how to make the buttons!

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