NARS Vesuvio Matte Lip Pure Matte Lipstick Review, Swatches, Photos

I’ve written many times about how the NARS Velvet Matte lip pencils are one of my favorite formulas, and I love matte lipsticks generally, so I decided to pick up one of NARS’s Pure Matte lipsticks in the lovely red shade Vesuvio.

I like NARS’s packaging, and this is no exception. It is packaged in a sleek black tube, and the lipstick twists all the way down so you don’t need to worry about nicking the lipstick.  It’s a narrow lipstick; I personally have no preference between narrow and regular lipsticks.

The texture is definitely on the dry side – after hearing that this wasn’t a drying matte lipstick line, I was surprised when this dragged a little bit on my lips. I expected something a bit creamier.  Next time, I will apply this with a lip brush – I expect that it will be more comfortable and easier to apply that way.  However, it’s very comfortable to wear, and it doesn’t dry my lips out even after several hours.

It lasts well; although I haven’t had the opportunity to see how long it lasts, I’ve worn it for four hours, and it looks very good at the end of that – slightly faded, but still quite vibrant. I would guess that it will last six+ hours on me; I’ll update this post if something different happens when I get the chance to do a full wear test! I might wear it out tonight, and will be sure to take photos if I do.

The color is a lovely medium-bright red.  I’m terrible at figuring out the undertones of reds, but it looks like it might be pink-based, perhaps – let me know if that seems wrong to you! Below, I’ve swatched it in between Wet n Wild Stoplight Red 911D MegaLast Lip Color, which is brighter, and NARS Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, which is deeper.

WnW Stoplight Red; NARS Vesuvio; NARS Cruella swatches

WnW Stoplight Red; NARS Vesuvio; NARS Cruella