Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food / Fix a Flat Review, Comparisons, Test

Nail Pattern Boldness collection

My Nail Pattern Boldness collection – Glitter Food on the left

One of my favorite indie nail polish brands is Nail Pattern Boldness, which you can buy directly on Etsy or via Llarowe.  NPB makes a variety of polishes, but her signature product is Glitter Food / Fix a Flat, which is a hand made multipurpose product that smooths out glitter polishes and can also be used to fix polishes with sinking glitter.  I will be reviewing Glitter Food today!

Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food

Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food

I initially bought Glitter Food because of some sinking glitters in my own franken polishes.  It’s very easy to use; just pour out some of the polish (or use an eyedropper to remove polish). Pour in some of the Glitter food, shake, and you’re done! Below, I have a photograph of my polish before Glitter Food, immediately after adding & shaking, and five days later, after sitting still and upright.

Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food - test

Before / Immediately after adding Glitter Food & shaking / After

As you can see, even though I used suspension base, the glitters were just too heavy, and sank quite badly.  After, they are much more suspended. They aren’t perfectly suspended – they are concentrated near the bottom – but they’re doing much better than before the Glitter Food. I removed only a little bit of the polish base; I’m sure that if I had removed more polish and added more Glitter Food, it would have worked better.

Verdict? A must have for sinking glitters!

I also tested Glitter Food as a topcoat for “hungry” glitters.  I started off with two coats of China Glaze Glistening Snow – one of the grittiest, hungriest glitters I own.  When I last wore it, it wasn’t smooth even with four coats of topcoat. I tested it with my go-to topcoat, NYC Grand Central Station, as well as Gelous (a basecoat which works quite well to smooth out glitters) and Glitter Food. Note that Glitter Food dries to a satin finish, so if you want a glossy finish, you need an additional topcoat.

Below, from left to right, I have:

1 – no topcoat
2 – one coat of topcoat
3 – two coats of topcoat
4 – one coat of Gelous + one coat of topcoat
5 – one coat of Glitter Food + one coat of topcoat
6 – two coats of Glitter Food + one coat of topcoat

Nail Patter Boldness Glitter Food - test

click to enlarge

It’s hard to see the subtleties, but I think it’s apparent that one coat of topcoat did almost nothing to smooth out the finish.   Two coats of topcoat was still gritty, though it was smooth enough to have some reflective properties.  Using either Gelous or Glitter Food made a significant improvement. Glitter Food worked better than Gelous, but not significantly better – just a little better.  Two coats of Glitter Food worked significantly better than one coat of Glitter Food (but do note that this is an exceptionally gritty polish – one that requires 4+ coats of normal topcoat to smooth out!)

The verdict? Glitter Food is significantly better at smoothing out glitter than regularly topcoat, but only slightly better than Gelous.   Gelous is a little cheaper if you have a Sally Beauty nearby, but Glitter Food may be easier to obtain if you are not in the US, since Llarowe ships internationally.

Is NPB’s Glitter Food something that you’re interested in buying?

  • Joanna Symons

    Thanks for the GF review! Been meaning to buy it for a while…this seal’d the deal for me.