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This post is way, way overdue. About a year ago, the very kind Allison of Nail Pattern Boldness sent me a bottle of her Glitter A-Peel peel-off basecoat for review.  Now that OPI has released a Glitter Off base coat, I am (finally) going to review the Nail Pattern Boldness version.

First, let’s talk about OPI Glitter Off (which I don’t see for sale online anywhere – but there are several blogger reviews). It’s basically watered down PVC glue (in the US, the most common brand of PVC glue is Elmer’s Glue). I haven’t used the OPI, but I’ve used slightly watered down PVC glue  several times as a base coat. It does work in that it peels off easily when it’s time to remove, but overall I find using it a frustrating experience.  My manicure peels off best if I use either one thick coat of glue or two very thin coats, and either way, the glue takes several minutes to dry — and I can’t apply my polish until it’s totally dry without making a mess.

NPB Glitter A-Peel

Unlike the OPI product, Nail Pattern Boldness’s Glitter A-Peel is not a glue basecoat – it “contains the usual solvents and plasticizers found in all nail polish.” Note that it is not  three-free – it contains toluene. My favorite thing about it is that it dries really quickly – for the first coat, it’s completely dry on the first nail once I’m done painting the 10th nail.  The second coat takes a few seconds longer to dry, but nothing significant. And, it’s easy to paint over it (as it is with a normal basecoat) before it’s totally dry – it doesn’t make a mess like glue can.

Aside from application (where the NPB is a clear winner), PVC glue and NPB Glitter A-Peel work relatively similarly. With each, my manicure only lasts a day or two before starting to peel off, and then peels away very easily once I want to take it off.  I’ve read that some people can’t get a manicure with a PVC base coat to last more than a few hours, and some people can get it to last days – it just depends on how well it adheres to your nails. I would guess that Glitter A-Peel is similar, and your results will vary depending on your nails.

Overall, due to the ease of application, I very much prefer Glitter A-Peel to PVC base coat.  It’s especially useful when I want to put on a difficult-to-remove glitter polish and wear it just for a day or an evening (which is frequent, since I don’t wear most glitters to work). If you hate removing glitter polish, you might love using a peel off base coat.

If you’ve never tried a peel off base coat, I’d recommend testing out the idea by using glue, since that’s the cheapest way to try it. If using glue works for you, but you’re frustrated by the application, you’ll probably love Glitter A-Peel!

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  • Helena

    I always thought bases like this would be useful not just for easy glitter removal, but quick removal of any polish you’re just going to wear for swatches.