More Inglot Swatches! 421P & 423P

Inglot 421 Pearl, 423 Pearl 

As promised, here are more Inglot swatches!

I own several Inglot eyeshadows – swatched in this post – but all are matte.  These two eyeshadows are my first step in to the world of Inglot Pearl eyeshadows, and I am very impressed thus far.  I picked the shades fairly randomly; 421 Pearl (the square) just looked lovely, and 423 Pearl (the round) was on a deep sale (it was about $3) because the round eyeshadows are being discontinued.  Note that the same shade is available as a square pan.

Inglot 421P, 423P swatches

Both eyeshadows are very silky and pigmented – truly excellent quality.  I love both shades, and despite some swatching and searching, I was unable to find anything similar to either that I already own; I’m always happy when that happens!


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