Milani Power Lip Gloss Stain Swatches & Review

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Milani Power Lip

Milani has released several new items for 2014, and although they’re not yet online, they are starting to show up in stores. Earlier this week, I purchased two Power Lip gloss stains, and I am loving them so far!

Milani Power Lip-3

The Power Lips are packaged in short, squat tubes, and dispense through a dense white brush tip. Be careful when you start to twist them, because there will be no product, no product, no product . . . then BAM, too much product! This is true of every similarly packaged item I have tried, though.  

I purchased the shades Creamy Cafe, a rosy brown, and Cabaret Blend, a bright berry.  Neither have shimmer or sparkle – it’s just the lighting in the below picture that appears to make them sparkle.

Milani Creamy Cafe Cabaret Blend Power Lip Swatches

Creamy Cafe // Cabaret Blend

Creamy Cafe applies more brown at first, but as the pigments stain my lips, it turns a little rosier. I know some people find that most stains go neon on them (especially with the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains), and although I don’t have that problem, I think it’s likely that others will given the ways these stain my lips.

Milani Power Lip Creamy Cafe Swatch

Milani Power Lip: Creamy Cafe

I like Creamy Cafe, but I really love Cabaret Blend.  It’s a really great color – bright yet wearable – and I was pleased with how evenly it applied (I did not use a separate lip brush, but I did smooth the edges out with my finger).

Milani Power Lip Cabaret Blend Swatch

Milani Power Lip: Cabaret Blend

Both shades fade to an even, long-lasting stain.  The stain shade is somewhat similar, but Cabaret Blend leaves a brighter and deeper stain. Here’s the stain effect from Cabaret Blend – very even!

Milani Power Lip Cabaret Blend Swatch blotted

Cabaret Blend – stain

I don’t find these drying or moisturizing (but do note that I rarely have a problem with lipstick being drying).  Once the glossiness has faded, I generally add clear gloss or balm for both comfort and a little shine.

Are these something you’ll be looking for?

  • Ooh, Cabaret Blend is so pretty! Milani has been making some great lip products lately 🙂

  • Looks cool, thanks for the swatches! I have been looking forward to these, but slightly disappointed because I hate this type of packaging.

    • It’s definitely not idea packaging, but this is a functional version, at least!

  • I don’t notice any smell or taste at all – I don’t have a very sensitive nose though.