Maybelline Signature Scarlet & Intoxicating Spice Color Elixir Glosses

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Maybelle Color Elixir

One of the products that is getting a lot of buzz right now is Maybelline’s new Color Elixir lip product. I’ve heard some say that it’s meant to be similar to YSL’s Glossy Stains and L’oreal’s Shine Caress Gloss stains – I have a comparison of those two products here – but it’s a very different product.  It’s marketed as delivering “the color of a lipstick, the cushiony care of a balm, and the glass shine of a gloss.” Note that it is not marketed as a stain, and on me, it doesn’t stain more than your typical lipstick.

I  purchased two shades, Intoxicating Spice and Signature Scarlet. The below photo is a little bit washed out (sorry!), but you can get an idea of the color and the texture.

Maybelle Color Elixir swatches - Intoxicating Spice - Signature Scarlet

Intoxicating Spice // Signature Scarlet

And  applied:

no lipstick

no product

Maybelle Color Elixir - Intoxicating Spice - Lip Swatch

Intoxicating Spice

Maybelle Color Elixir - Signature Scarlet - Lip Swatch

Signature Scarlet

I really like the Color Elixirs, but I don’t think they live up to Maybelline’s claims.  Notably, they are significantly less pigmented than a lipstick, though they are quite reasonably pigmented for a gloss or balm.  I find the promo image especially misleading – there is no way to make Signature Scarlet, worn alone, look like the below photo.


The Colors Elixirs live up to the claim of being balm-like much better, as they do have a cushiony feel and I find them moderately moisturizing.  They’re actually one of the most moisturizing colored lip products I’ve tried, though less moisturizing than some of my non-tinted lip balms.  They have an average amount of shine for a gloss.

Overall, and despite the advertising deception, I do really like the Color Elixir gloss/balm/whatevers.  They’re comfortable to wear, and Intoxicating Spice in particular is a really lovely everyday shade – I’ve been wearing it to work frequently since I purchased it a few weeks ago.   The temporary displays are widely available in drugstores now, and I believe they’ll be up on the Maybelline wall soon. If you can’t find them locally, they’re also available on

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  • I’m not even going to talk about how deceptive all those promo images can be, lol. Mascara ads are the worst offender though. Great to hear that the formula is moisturising, I’m super interested now! I have a weakness for lippies like these, they are such a nice hybrid that works! Signature Scarlet is perfect on you!

    • I agree about the ads! Are these available where you are? If not & you want to try one, shoot me an email 🙂

  • inhermakeupbag

    I totally thought these would be like the L’Oreal Colour Caresse stains, going off of the promo pics (even though I think they do claim to be very balm-like). I wasn’t a huge fan of the shade I tried, Rose Redefined, but I’ve been wanting to find another color and Intoxicating Spice looks great! Thanks for the great swatches.

  • Love the shades, but I agree- nothing like the promo pics! Sorry these were a bit disappointing, but the formula and colours still sound nice 🙂

  • thanks for this review! i saw them in stores today and sort of hesitated not knowing what they are. i think i can safely skip these for now. do they transfer a lot when you eat/drink?

    • Yep, they transfer – just the same as any gloss. I sometimes blot them down a little so they transfer less, but then there is less shine.

      (Also, please don’t put a blog link in your comment – putting the name of your blog is fine though!)

  • Pretty on you, but I am not totally impressed. I think there are better products on the market…but I might check them out!

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