Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation Review

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MUFE Face & Body

I have plenty of foundations I love, but I’m always on the hunt for the latest & greatest.  After reading this post on Will Work for Makeup about Tiffany’s foundation wardrobe, I decided to pick up a sample of Make Up For Ever’s Face & Body foundation. Three or four trials later, I knew a bottle would be mine!

A note about price: at $40 for 1.69oz, Face & Body actually works out to be less expensive per ounce than most mid/high end foundations, since most foundations come in a 1oz bottle.  Face & Body is about $24/oz, though due to the consistency I do find that I use slightly more of it than of other foundations per application.

MUFE Face & Body Ivory 20 Swatch

MUFE Face & Body Ivory 20

Speaking of the consistency, it’s a bit hard to describe – it’s completely different than any other foundation I have tried. MUFE Face & Body is sort of a watery gel, and it blends down to a very natural finish – I can’t detect it on my skin at all once fully blended.  It has light to medium buildable coverage; one thin layer is light coverage, but it’s easy to apply multiple layers to get to medium coverage.

For the curious, MAC Face & Body is totally different. MAC Face & Body has a very different feel – more watery (not gel-like at all).  It has a tendency to separate over time (the pigment begins to appear as grains in the foundation) – this does not affect performance, however.  The MAC version is very sheer: very light coverage at one layer, and buildable to light coverage.  MAC’s finish is similar to the MUFE’s – very natural and skin like.   I have heard that MUFE’s version is longer lasting on many, but I find it difficult to tell the difference because MAC’s version is so sheer that I can’t tell when it’s gone. I have samples of MAC Face & Body, but no interest in buying the full size; it’s simply too sheer for me.

MUFE Face & Body Ivory 20 Swatch-2

No makeup // MUFE F&B Ivory 20

Above, I’m wearing no makeup (just moisturizer) on the left, and MUFE Face & Body in Ivory 20 on the right.  The lighting is slightly different (sorry!), but you can that it cover my surface redness quite well, especially on and around the nose area.  However, the texture of my skin and the faint freckles on my cheeks show through, which gives a very natural finish. I like to pair this foundation with Koh Gen Doh Maifanshi Color Base in yellow (reviewed here) – together, they cut down redness even more and give a very smooth but natural finish.

Overall, I am loving this foundation, and it’s become my go-to foundation for occasions when I don’t want SPF or when I want a sheer foundation; I use it a couple times a week. The rest of the time, I tend to reach for Missha Perfect BB Cream – it’s been a while since I’ve worn any foundation other than the Missha or the MUFE!

What are your go-to foundations these days?

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  • I was recently wondering about this foundation, particularly how it compared to the MAC Face & Body. I’ve been searching for a foundation that, once applied, doesn’t transfer at all – just stays on skin until removed with a makeup remover, water resistant and all that.

    Recently, FLOWER About Face has been a go-to for me. It’s very light coverage, just evens out your skintone, but looks very very natural.

  • I’ve come to realize this is my favorite foundation ever. 🙂 I love the hydration of it and it looks great when set =) I’ve tried the MAC F&B as well, but didnt like it as much as I do the MUFE one 🙂

  • Glad you’re loving this! I tried it years back and found it a bit too dewy for my oily skin, but the initial finish was really great. I’ve just re-discovered Clinique’s Perfectly Real Foundation (an old favourite from years ago) and am loving it! It’s my new go-to sheer foundation 🙂

  • MUFE is so hard to get hold of in the UK. Looks so natural on you. At the moment, I reach for Dior Nude skin a lot

  • I’ve always wanted to try this foundation! Seems like a good summer option so I might get a sample soon. My Sephora never has this there though boo. I’ll have to hunt elsewhere for a sample !

  • Laura H.

    Wow! I have to check this foundation out. It looks awesome on you !

  • Hmm…this looks fantastic! I am a foundation fiend, so this one might have to be added to my wish list. I’m recently loving Guerlain Parure Extreme. I’ve had it for over a year and think of it as a special occasion treat, but recently I’ve been using it daily and I love it! It feels like skincare going on, and it covers everything I want covered so well.

  • Toya

    I have a bottle of this and I quite like it – sheer foundations are more my thing so this is right up my alley 🙂 I haven’t tried to layer it much or use it on body, but it’s a great item to have on hand for sure!