L’oreal leMatte & laLaque Quick Swatches


loreal lematte lalaque

The L’oreal leMatte and laLaque lip crayons are limited edition, and almost gone from stores around here, though I occasionally see one or two lying are.  Because this post is so late, I’m just going to post some swatches for reference without much of a review.


L'oreal leMatte Matte-r of Fact She's So Matte Swatches

Matte-r of Fact // She’s So Matte

L'oreal leMatte Matte-r of Fact Lip Swatch

Matte-r of Fact

The first picture has one swipe on the left, built up swatch on the right. Pigmentation is excellent, but these can go slightly patchy. The new Revlon Matte Colorburst Balms have a similar texture.


L'oreal laLaque Laque-onic I Laque You A Lot Swatches

Laque-onic // I Laque You A Lot

L'oreal laLaque I Laque You A Lot lip swatch

I Laque You A Lot

These also have excellent pigmentation but texture issues – see how rough the edges of the swatch are? They sort of catch on my skin. They apply much better over a layer of balm though, and the edges can be smoothed out with a finger.  The lip swatch looks a pit patchy up close, but it’s not too bad from a normal distance.

Here’s Laque-onic over balm & on bare skin, so you can see the difference – the texture looks a lot better on the left!

L'oreal laLaque - texture

Laque-onic over balm, Laque-onic directly on skin

Also note that all of these, like most L’oreal lip products have a very strong floral-ish fragrance.  It does seem to fade fairly quickly (though I don’t have a sensitive nose), but I can’t recommend them to anyone who is more sensitive to fragrance.


  • I really like all four shades! Not too sure about the scent though. I guess I’ll have to take a whiff when they become available here 🙂

  • These are actually really gorgeous! I’m intrigued, despite the texture issues.

  • I absolutely love that last shade! Sexy! The matte ones look really matte, are they ok on drier lips? La Laque is a very yummy finish! ^^

  • Bellyhead

    Pretty colors!!! Crayons in general seem too drying for me, but these colors are really pretty. I’m impressed with the pigmentation!

  • Kate Driveller

    I’ve been anticipating these but texture issues are always a concern :/ Thanks for the thorough breakdown and pics, as always!

  • Ooh, pretty! I’ve been loving matte lip shades lately. I’ve tried a couple of the new Revlon Matte Balms and really like them 🙂

  • Icequeen81

    the first one is a gorgeous shade