L’oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color Swatches & Quick Review

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Loreal Extraordinare Glosses

L’oreal recently released a new lip color, the Colour Riche Extraordinare. I’ve seen them around at a couple drugstores, and I purchased three of them at Rite Aid earlier this week.

The bad news: I thought these were a liquid lipstick (and have seen them called that online) but they are not – they’re more of a moisturizing gloss, and very similar in feel to Maybelline’s Color Elixir lip colors (reviewed here). The good news: I have really been enjoying the Maybelline Color Elixirs, so although I’m a bit disappointed that these aren’t lipsticks at all, I’m still happy to have them. And, note that L’oreal classifies them online as a lip color, but does not call them a lipstick – they’re marketed as having color and care, much like the Maybellines.

Loreal Extraordinare Glosses-2

The Extraordinare lip colors are packaged in a lightweight gold plastic, which is (in my opinion), sort of cheap looking – I much prefer the cute lipstick shape in clear plastic of the Maybellines.

The major downside to this product is the the scent, which is very strong and sweet.  It’s not the same perfumed floral scent most of L’oreal’s traditional lipsticks have, and I prefer this scent, but it is way too strong.

The shades I picked are Orange Tempo, Plum Adagio, and Molto Mauve.  I expected all three to be shimmer-free and pigmented based on the packaging, but they have varying amounts of micro-shimmer and pigmentation levels. Note that the microshimmer is not particularly visible when the lip color is freshly applied; it just looks like shine. It does become visible if the gloss is blotted down, which I often do with glosses.

Loreal Molto Mauve Orange Tempo Plum Adagio Swatches

Molto Mauve // Orange Tempo // Plum Adagio

Loreal Extraordinare Orange Tempo Lip Swatch

Orange Tempo

Orange Tempo is quite pigmented for a gloss; it’s a jelly finish orange with sparse microshimmer, which is invisible unless the gloss is blotted down.  It applies very evenly and looks great at full strength or blotted down. Definitely my favorite of the bunch!

Loreal Extraordinare Plum Adagio Swatch

Plum Adagio

Plum Adagio is a deep purple with a moderate amount of red micro-glitter. It applies unevenly unless you apply a very thin layer (as I’ve done above), and it settles into lip lines. I don’t like this alone, but I expect it will work well layered over a lipstick to darken it.

Loreal Extraordinare Molto Mauve Swatch

Molto Mauve

Molto Mauve is a sheer rose pink with a medium amount of microshimmer – much more than Orange Tempo, but still barly visible unless blotted down. I like this one.

The best thing about these is that they really do work as a balm for me – my lips were quite dry before I swatched them, and in much better condition afterwards, which is rare.

Overall, I like these – especially for days when my lips are dry! – but I think I prefer the Maybelline Color Elixirs because a) they have a lighter scent and b) you can see the actual color of the product in the packaging, including whether there is any shimmer or glitter.
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  • Oh, these are pretty! A lot of recent things from L’oreal and Maybelline have caught my eye – need to stop the next time I run to the drugstore!

  • Ooh, I’m loving the look of Orange Tempo! Totally up my alley and looks so pretty on you 🙂

  • Molto Mauve is a lovely daytime color. And Orange Tempo looks really pretty!

  • deathbyglitter

    Orange Tempo is gorgeous!!! 😀