Lipstick Queen Medieval Tinted Lip Treatment Review & Swatches

I had been wanting Poppy King’s Lipstick Queen Medieval Tinted Lip Treatment, a sheer lipstick, for quite a while when I spotted it in a blog sale – you better believe I snapped it right up! If you are not lucky enough to find it on a blogsale, it’s available for $20 at (by the way, this gift with purchase from is kind of amazing; I’m tempted make an order just to get it!).

I really like Medieval’s packaging; it’s brushed metal, and is light but substantial.  Due to the color, it’s also quite easy to spot among my other lipsticks.  It does not hold fingerprints.

Poppy King Medieval - swatch

multiple swipes // one swipe

Medieval is definitely sheer – I’m glad that it’s marketed as a tinted lip treatment rather than a lipstick, as that’s much more accurate. Above, the left swatch is about 4-5 swipes, and the right swatch is one swipe.  The color is definitely buildable, but only to a certain extent – it’s never going to be opaque, or even close.

I would describe the color as a sheer red.  It does look a bit pink on my lips, but many (if not most!) reds do pull pink on me; additionally, the photo makes it look a touch more pink that in looks in person.  I think this would be more of a true red on almost anyone.

The texture is very nice – it’s sheer and glossy, and makes my lips look full and healthy.  The effect reminds me of the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments; however, bullet of Medieval is firmer (and more lipstick like) than the Fresh Sugar balms, which are much softer (and more balm like).  Medieval is not particularly similar to any of the Fresh Sugar colors – it is much more of a true red.

Overall, I would recommend Medieval Tinted Lip Treatment if you’re looking for a good quality sheer lipstick; it’s excellent quality for what it is.  If you’re looking for something more opaque, or something more balmy, however, look elsewhere – that’s just not what this product is meant to do.