La Femme Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

It was only recently that I heard of the brand La Femme, and heard that they make fantastic blushes for only $2.50 each (pan form; $3 in pot form).  I decided to try them out and order four blushes – with shipping, my total came to $12.99 which is a fantastic deal. I ordered from Makeup Mania, and I would order from them again.

As you can see from the photo, the four shades that I ordered are Misty Plum, Pink Velvet, Peach, and Magenta.  All four are matte, though Pink Velvet has more of a sheen than the other three. All four are incredibly pigmented and very smooth.

However, due to the pigmentation, they can be a little difficult to blend out – especially Magenta, as it’s the deepest and most pigmented; I find that it’s best to apply them over powder (rather than foundation or bare skin), and if I’m still have trouble, I go over them after application with a big fluffy brush to smooth out the edges.

La Femme Misty Plum; Pink Velvet; Peach; Magenta

My favorite of the four blushes is Peach – I absolute love it – it is incredibly flattering on me! It is a unique color in my blush collection, and a fabulous neutral blush. I’ve also used it on a friend who has a very different skintone than I do (cool with a lot of surface redness), and it looked beautiful on her as well.

La Femme Pink Velvet – this one is surprisingly bright applied!

Pink Velvet looks almost neon – very bright! – if not carefully applied. 
La Femme Misty Plum – My second favorite

Misty Plum is quite pretty – it’s very neutral.

La Femme Magenta – Applied VERY sparingly

I would definitely recommend Magenta for deeper skintones. It’s not quite worth the extra work of application for me.

Peach is absolutely my favorite of the four, I think it would be flattering on most skintones (perhaps not very dark though).

You can also see me wearing Peach in some of my FOTD pictures here and here.

Have you tried La Femme blush? Would you?


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