It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches & Quick Review

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It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty

I’ve been lusting after the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette since I swatched it at Ulta a little while back, and due to the (still ongoing!) 25% off Friends & Family sale on the It Cosmetics website, I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.  I’ve only had it for a couple days, but due to the aforementioned sale – which ends at midnight on April 8th – I thought I should post swatches now rather than later.

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette_-3

First, let me say that I hate the packaging of the palette. It’s functional – it has a big mirror and securely closes with a magnet – but I find the pink suede quite unattractive.  I bet it’ll get dirty fast, too.  Note that the shadows are on the small size – .8g each, except the Transforming Pearl shade which is 1.82g.  For comparison, a MAC eyeshadow is 1.5g.

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette_

The gimmick behind this palette is that it’s all mattes and includes a “transformer” pearl shade. I have two problems with this. First, the “matte” shades aren’t truly matte – they all have a (gorgeous) satin finish. This is actually why I bought the palette – I love the finish – but it bugs me that they’re called matte. Second, the oh-so-special transformer shade is just a regular shimmery ivory. It more or less works to add shimmer – but so does every sheerish, shimmery eyeshadow.

In terms of eyeshadow quality, the shadows are very soft and buttery. They swatch absolutely beautifully, but I’ve actually had a little bit of trouble applying them to the eye – they tend to sheer out when applied.  Granted, I’ve only done two eye looks with these, so maybe I’ll figure out a better way to work with them.

I know I’ve said a lot of negative things about the palette, but let me emphasize that the shades are absolutely gorgeous – great colors and a beautiful texture. Despite the packaging, the small pan size, and the slight difficulty I’ve had with application, I am loving this palette thus far!

It Cosmetics

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette swatches

Sheer Joy // Love // Soft Light // Sunrise // Warmth // Sunset

It Cosmetics-2

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette swatches-2

Soulful // All Heart // Mocha // Java // Violet // Iconic

It Cosmetics-3

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette swatches-3

Midnight // Noir // Transforming Pearl

You can buy the Naturally Pretty palette on the It Cosmetics website, at Ulta (online and in some stores), and at (where it’s a few dollars less than full price and includes a brush, but there’s a waitlist).

What do you think – does this palette look good to you?

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  • Thanks for the review, Emi! The colors are pretty but not ones I wear easily, so you have thankfully killed a lemming!

  • Pam

    I really appreciate your putting up this review before their sale is over. I’ve been debating on this one for awhile, but after seeing your swatches I can see I’d only use about half of the shades, so even with the 25% off, it’s probably not worth it for me. Thank you.

  • Hi Emi 🙂 I actually did end up buying this palette. I used it this weekend and I do agree – the colors are gorgeous and pigmented, but they do sheer out a bit once blended on the eye. They also creased within a few hours. With that being said, I didn’t use a base or primer, which I can sometimes get away with since my lids aren’t oily, so there’s that. I look forward to using this palette more, though!

  • Yeah I think you killed a lemming for me as well…hmmm…still very pretty though!

  • Jaa

    I’ve been going back and forth with this palette! It looks so pretty but I’m still unsure about the performance. They look a bit dry and when you said they sheer out when applied on the eyes – well, I guess I can give it a rest for now. Haha. Thanks for the review & swatches, Emi!

  • Icequeen81

    Sheer and love are my favorites of the set