Glow In The Dark Nail Polish Comparison & Swatches

glow in the dark nail polish

This post is short & sweet: a comparison of the four glow in the dark nail polishes I own! I’ve done three coats of each, with no topcoat. I believe that a white base will help the glow, but I wanted to see these on their own.

In the light:

Note that the is tinted blue; the Pumpkin polish has glitter in it but is not tinted, and the Sally Girl and Fantasy Makers Tombstone are just plain glow-in-the-dark, and almost clear.

And in the dark, immediately after shining a bright light directly above the swatch sticks – the same order:

I had to adjust the brightness of the photo to get the glow to show up at all; all four were brighter still in person than in the photo. However, the photo is useful as a comparison – the is by far the brightest, and the other three are similar.

Unfortunately, the was a limited edition drugstore polish from earlier this year – I don’t remember exactly when – a few months ago. There may still be a few hanging around drugstores. I believe it was about $3, but I’m not sure.

I found the Fantasy Makers Tombstone polish at CVS, and the Pumpkin polish at Rite Aide (last year, but I’ve seen them this year too) – I think each was $2. The Sally Girl is at Sally’s for only $1.

I would have loved to compare China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, but I don’t own it, and this year I’ve only seen it in multipacks instead of alone.  I may end up buying it online and doing another comparison later.