Essence Nail Art Kit Review & Photos

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Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit 2

 A few weeks ago, I spotted a new-to-me product in Essence’s display at Ulta – the Nail Art Decoration Kits.  There are two kits available, Silver 01 and Gold 02, each retailing for $3.49.  I purchased both. Each includes five types of items.

Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit 3

The silver kit has large silver glitter/sequins (sometimes called glequins), silver bar glitter, multicolored bows, silver diamond glitter, and silver foil. The gold kit has medium size cool gold hex glitters, cool gold bar glitter, warm gold tiny rounded studs, warm gold diamond glitter, and gold foil.  I found the packets hard to work with, so I transferred most of the items into a stacking set of containers, which I purchased at a local nail supply store for a couple dollars.

Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit

I am not sure if the glitter is solvent-resistent (meaning that I’m not sure if you could use it to create nail polish), but it is not intended for that use; it’s intended to sprinkle or place on top of your manicure for nail art. Here are the instructions Essence included with the kit:

Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit  instructions

Here are a couple manicures I’ve done using the kit:

Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit  sequin notd china glaze L8R G8R

China Glaze L8R G8R

Essence Nail Art Kit  Rimmel Mintilicious

Rimmel Mintilicious

Overall, these are fun, inexpensive little kits. It’s not the cheapest way to get nail art supplies – especially if you want to buy larger quantities – but it’s an easy way to get several different types of items for only a couple dollars.

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  • waymire

    I’ve found my local Walmart carries a lot of little stackable jars and such in their craft department. Cheap and convenient if you find you need some and don’t want to make a special trip to a specialty store. I picked up a nice clear acrylic organizer full of screw top jars for my NYC shimmer dusts for $8, holds 25 jars.