Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Blush – Swatch of the Day

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Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Blush, Lashes

Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Blush, Lashes


I really love the brand Essence – it surprised me when I just checked and realized I’ve only reviewed a few products from the brand! I have about 20 Essence nail polishes (so easy when they’re so inexpensive), and several makeup items yet-unreviewed.  But, one thing that I don’t like about Essence is how hard it is for me to obtain their products! Ulta has some items, and gets some limited edition products, but only a tiny fraction of what other countries get.  And, this is all a long-winded way of tell you all how very excited I was to win Liz the Beauty Reductionista‘s giveaway of two limited edition Essence items from the Cherry Blossom Girl collection! I haven’t tried the paper lashes yet – what does one wear them to? – but I have swatches of the blush for you!

Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Blush-2

Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Blush

I believe the Cherry Blossom Girl collection includes just one blush — a shimmering peach and slightly shimmery coral-orange embossed with cherry blossoms, with the unfortunate name of Asian Sensation.


Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Blush Swatches

Peach // Coral // Both blended

I found that the peach was soft and pigmented with a very fine shimmer; it would be an excellent highlighter if applied lighting.  The darker shade was a bit hard and not pigmented at all – the swatch you see is a several swipes, and it is still quite sheer. Because of the difference in pigmentation levels, mixing them makes the lighter shade predominate, and I end up with a shade that is just too shimmery for me to use as a blush.

So, I think I will use the lighter shade as a highlighter, and probably won’t use the darker shade at all – but will simply admire the embossing in the compact. I was very careful to swatch from the non-embossed areas.

Thanks again Liz for the giveaway!

*I won the featured product in a giveway. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

  • Monica Georgescu

    The blush is so very pretty! I love the way the coral came out in the swatches, too bad that your review states that it’s not as pigmented in real life. I for one would be delighted to see Essence swatches and reviews. Especially the nail polishes 🙂
    The blue cat

  • love the shades they are so peachy, maybe you can use them as eye shadow?
    or just a highlighter for under the eyebrow? I love the shades congrats with your winning prize

  • Marilyn Tycer

    It looks so pretty in the compact! I’m bummed it didn’t work well as a blush though.

  • Thank you for the tip! I will definitely check out Fred Meyer if I get the chance to 🙂