ELF Glitter Eyeshadow Applicator Review & Photos

ELF Glitter Eyeshadow Applicator

ELF Glitter Eyeshadow Applicator

I placed an order of several ELF (E.L.F?) products and brushes recently, and the brush I was most excited to receive was the new Studio line glitter eyeshadow applicator.

The glitter eyeshadow applicator has a long handle like a regular brush and a silicone tip that’s shaped sort of like a sponge-tip applicator.   It’s not the only silicone glitter eyeshadow applicator / brush out there – Lise Watier makes a very similar product ($15), and Sephora used to make one which I think is discontinued (was $13).  ELF’s is $3 (or $1.50 if you catch it during a 50% off sale, like I did).

ELF Glitter Eyeshadow applicator

ELF Glitter Eyeshadow applicator – front view

ELF Glitter Eyeshadow Applicator

ELF Glitter Eyeshadow Applicator – side view

So, how does it perform? I tested it by dipping it in loose glitter; the glitter adhered to the silicone, and was easy to pat on to my skin.  I was able to use the front side to cover a larger area (like my eyelid), or the side – which is flat – to make a thinner line, as for glitter eyeliner. It worked really, really well – it picks up glitter much better than a regular brush, and is less messy than using fingers.

Of course, loose glitter doesn’t stick to skin very well – and the applicator can’t change that – so it’s best to use a sticky base like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

Overall, I think this is a GREAT product, and a real bargain at $3 or less.  Definitely recommended!