Dupe Alert: Sinful Colors Endless Blue & Nails, Inc. Baker St.

Dupes - Swatches - Baker St - Endless Blue

Baker St. on the left, Endless Blue on the right

I think you can tell where I’m going with this post based on the photo.

So, I bought Sinful Colors Endless Blue from the new Sinful Colors Buff to Bright Collection (more information on that collection here). I bought it partly because I am loving blues right now, and partly because I was curious to see if it was a good dupe for Nails, Inc. Baker St. Note that Baker St. is also duped by Essie Butler Please and quite similar to Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, but the Sinful Colors is the least expensive of all.

Here’s another close up comparison, this time with flash:

Sinful Colors Endless Blue Nails Inc Baker Street Swatch Dupes

Baker St // Endless Blue

In my opinion, they are excellent dupes; the only different I notice is that Nail, Inc. Baker St. dries to a satin / low-gloss finish and Sinful Colors Endless Blue dries to a high-gloss finish (both swatches are completely dry in the photo). Both have good formulas; I did find the Sinful Colors just a touch thicker than I prefer, so I thinned it just a little bit. It is useable as bought.

And finally, a quick swatch of Endless Blue on the nail:

Sinful Colors Endless Blue Swatch

Endless Blue

Overall, I would definitely recommend Endless Blue – both as a lovely polish in it’s own right, and as a $2 dupe for the more expensive Nails, Inc. Baker St.

*I purchased both products featured in this post. Β Please see my disclosure policyΒ for more information.

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  • ThePamster

    I have yet to wear this one, but it struck me that this was a dead on dupe for Baker Street too! Thank you for the great comparison! I am so excited to see some great new colors coming from Sinful Colors this year so far. πŸ˜€

  • Sandy

    Well, a SC blue I have not seen yet. I have 3 in the same color family, but certainly not even close to being kissing cousins: Ocean Side, Paradise and Why Not? I must skip to Walgreens ASAP!

    Thanks for the news, Emi. +)

  • cindioverstreet

    I love that blue too! It caught my eye right off and had to come home with me.

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