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Project Swatch #12: Brow Powder Duos Review, Swaches & Comparison

Interrupting the eyeshadow swatchfest, I bring you some eyebrow powder swatches! (I’ll have more eyeshadow swatches for you tomorrow)

Wet n Wild

I own two very similar eyebrow powder duos at two very different price points: the Anastasia Brow Powder duo in Brunette, and the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash Brown, which seems to be the only color available.


I’ve swatched this one a little differently; I wanted to be able to see the two lighter shades compared, and the two darker shades compared.

As you can see, the two duos are very similar, but have subtle differences. The lighter Anastasia shade looks like a taupe to me, while the Wet n Wild is more of a brown. The darker Anastasia is definitely in deep brown territory, while the Wet n Wild veers into brown/black.  My guess is that the Anastasia duo one shade darker – Ebony – would also be very close to the Wet n Wild.

As for texture – they’re both quite good. Both are soft and silky, though the Wet n Wild kicks up a bit more dust when I use it.  The Wet n Wild packaging is practical but unpretty, and the Anastasia packaging is elegant (but is that worth an extra $19? I don’t know).


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