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OCC Lip Tar Review & Swatches

OCC Queen, Harlot, Radiate, Grandma, Tarred

OCC Queen, Harlot, Radiate, Grandma, Tarred

Since the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) lip tars are now available at Sephora, and thus more accessible, I thought it would be a good time to swatch and review the five I have.

As you can see, I have three (Queen, Harlot, and Radiate) in the new-style packaging, and two (Grandma and Tarred) in the older style packaging.  The product is the same.  I prefer the new packaging – it has a very thin nozzle-tip, which is ideal for this product because so little is needed per application (more on that later).  The older ones had a slant-tip, which was messier.  I also like the new matte packaging aesthetically.

Lip Tars have a thin, fluid texture. They have a peppermint scent.  They are basically a very, very pigmented liquid lipstick – the most pigmented lip product I have ever tried.  When worn correctly, I have no bleeding or feathering, and they easily last for 6+ hours on me.  However, if you apply too much, which is very easy to do, they are a complete mess – they’ll slip off your lips, on to your skin, where they will stain and look very messy. They must be applied with a lip brush.  Some people find them drying, but I don’t – I love matte lip products, and rarely find anything too drying.

I tried to take a picture of how much product I use, but after photographing and using this, I realized it was too much – this is about 1.5x as much product as I need for one application; you’ll need about this much if you have very full lips and about half this much if you have smaller lips.

OCC lip tar – more than one application

That’s the ELF concealer brush; a very small brush – you can see it compared to other brushes in this post.

And, swatches! These are SO BRIGHT that my camera had trouble focusing – sorry about the blurring!

OCC Queen, Harlot, Radiate, Grandma, Tarred - swatches

OCC Queen, Harlot, Radiate, Grandma, Tarred – natural light

OCC Queen, Harlot, Radiate, Grandma, Tarred - swatches

OCC Queen, Harlot, Radiate, Grandma, Tarred – with flash

I think Tarred is feathering because I applied too much in the swatch; I don’t have trouble with it feathering when I wear it on my lips.

And, lip swatches:

OCC Queen lip swatch

OCC Queen – natural light

OCC Queen lip swatch

OCC Queen – flash

Queen is a very vivid bright pink.  The true color is somewhere in between the two photos above (brighter than the natural light photo, slightly less saturated than the flash photo).

OCC Harlot lip swatch

OCC Harlot

OCC Radiate lip swatch

OCC Radiate

Harlot and Radiate are extremely similar; the only reason I own both is that I got Harlot free as a gift with purchase.  The reason Radiate looks brighter in the swatch is that I’m wearing a slightly thicker layer; either one can look like either of the photos.

OCC Grandma lip swatch

OCC Grandma

Grandma is a soft, true coral.  It’s paler than I usually prefer for my lip products, so I don’t wear it very often, but it’s a great shade for mixing.

I don’t have a lip swatch of Tarred, because it’s just black. I have a swatch and review of Black Dahlia lip tar here.
In addition to being worn alone, Lip Tars are great for mixing.  I usually mix them up in small (3 gram sized) jars with screw-top lids; I’ll mix enough for several applications. You can also use a palette and just mix up enough for one application – they’re so long lasting that often you won’t need to reapply.
Overall, I really love Lip Tars. I love matte, longwearing lip products, and these fit the bill perfectly.  But, they’re not for everyone; they’re best for people who don’t mind spending some time figuring out how to use them initially, and then an extra minute or two to apply.
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