Black Radiance Seductive, Correct, Plum Sorbet Swatches

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Black Radiance

Black Radiance Makeup

Time for some Sunday swatches! I have three Black Radiance items for you today. Let’s start off with Seductive, one of the new Urban Identity new 5-pan palettes (now available at for $4.99 each)

Black Radiance Seductive

Black Radiance Seductive

Black Radiance Seductive Swatches

Black Radiance Seductive – swatched with a sponge tip applicator, no primer

All five colors are nicely pigmented and smooth. They apply even better over primer on they eye than they do in swatches.

Next up, the Urban Identity Shadow Trio in Correct, $2.99 at

Black Radiance Correct

Black Radiance Correct

Black Radiance Correct swatches

Black Radiance Correct – swatched with a fingertip, no primer

These are a little less pigmented, but still workable. I especially like the matte khaki, the center swatch.

And here is my favorite of today’s items, Plum Sorbet baked blush. See all four shades here. You can buy them at, here.

Black Radiance Plum Sorbet blush

Black Radiance Plum Sorbet

Black Radiance Plum Sorbet swatch-2

Black Radiance Plum Sorbet – swatched with a fingertip

This shade is not only gorgeous in the pan, but it’s incredibly silky and easily blended. It’s a little more shimmery than I prefer for blush, but makes a great eyeshadow! Highly recommended.

Some of the drugstores around me sell Black Radiance products, but not all of them. If you can’t find them in your area,,, and all carry some – but not all – products.

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  • Plum Sorbet is really beautiful! I love the way it looks as silky as it feels 🙂