American Apparel Nail Polish Quick Swatches

A while back, I had a Groupon for American Apparel, which I spent on nail polish.  I had a little trouble finding blog posts with swatches of multiple colors – so here are some quick nail wheel swatches, which will hopefully prove helpful for someone in a similar situation!  These swatches do not have top coat (except where noted), so you can see the finish of the polish.

The cremes:

american apparel swatches - dance port imperial purple 7th and alameda army jacket peacock

Dance (one coat), Dance (three coats), Port, Imperial Purple, 7th and Alameda, Army Jacket, Peacock

Dance is a sheer beige / nude. It is even enough to wear (non-streaky) at one coat, and relatively opaque at three coats.

Port is a dark red/wine.  Imperial Purple is a very dark purple that looks black in most lights. 7th and Alameda is a deep grey. Army Jacket is a dusty army green. Peacock is a dark teal blue.  All of these cremes are opaque in 1-2 coats, and are very smooth and pigmented.

I also own American Apparel Hassid, a black creme (swatched here) – it is completely opaque in one coat, and dries to a semi-opaque finish.

The other finishes:

american apparel swatches - bronze dash, meteor shower, violet panache, redondo beach

Bronze Dash, Meteor Shower over black creme, Violet Panache, Violet Panache over black creme,
Redondo Beach (one coat), Redondo Beach (three coats)

Bronze Dash is an amazing bronze foil – it is completely opaque in one coat (as pictured). I would highly recommend this polish!

Meteor Shower is a gold flake effect topcoat; the swatch is one coat over a black creme with topcoat – it definitely requires 1-2 coats of topcoat to smooth it out.

Violet Panache is a metallic purple with a slight pink shift; the duochrome is more visible over black.  The swatches shown are two coats alone and one coat over a black creme. This one is gorgeous.

Redondo Beach (part of the Sheers lines) is a sheer baby blue.  One coat is a slightly streaky pale blue.  After three coats, the polish is mostly opaque, the color is a somewhat deeper blue, and the polish is still a touch streaky.  This is my least favorite of the polishes in this post.

Overall, I’m really happy with all the polishes except Redondo Beach, but it’s not terrible and every line has some hits and some misses.  In the future, I’ll probably stick with the cremes and metallics, however.  If you’re interested in buying American Apparel polishes, they’re available online and in AA stores, but I would recommend waiting for a sale or a Groupon to get a better deal.