Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stains Review & Swatches

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Wet n Wild Lady and the Vamp Red-dy or Not Rico Mauve Balm Stains

Good morning! Today I have swatches of three of Wet n Wild’s new MegaSlicks Balm Stains.  As you can see, these are packaged like all the other twist up lip pencils — RevlonKissable Balm Stains, Jordana balm stains, Hard Candy All Glossed Up pencils, Covergirl Gloss Balms, Tarte Lipsurgence pencils, etc.

The Wet n Wild balm stains are a permanent addition to the line, and come in six colors. I have Lady and the Vamp, Red-dy or Not, and Rico Mauve. The other shades are named A Stiff Pink, Pinky Promise, and Nudist Colony.

Wet n Wild Red-dy or Not // Rico Mauve // Lady and the Vamp,  balm stains

Red-dy or Not // Rico Mauve // Lady and the Vamp

The texture of the Wet n Wild Balm Stains is quite different than the texture of the Revlon Balm Stains. The Wet n Wild feel very thin and somewhat slippery – most similar to the Hard Candy All Glossed Up pencils (review) of all the balm stains I’ve tried.  I find them to be somewhat moisturizing – after swatching all three, my lips felt moisturized, not dried out. My not-at-all-sensitive nose doesn’t detect a scent, but I do notice a [very] slight minty tingle when these are applied.

Wet n Wild Red-dy or Not // Rico Mauve // Lady and the Vamp Balm Stain Swatches

Red-dy or Not // Lady and the Vamp // Rico Mauve

Red-dy or Not is a neutral red. My lips had some flakes when I swatches these, and this one did the best job of smoothing / hiding the flakes.

Wet n Wild Red-dy or Not Balm Stain Swatch

Wet n Wild Red-dy or Not

It’s similar to Jordana Rock n Rouge, but a touch warmer and a touch more sheer. It’s much cooler than Revlon Romantic.

Wet n Wild balm stain comparison-001

Jordana Rock n Rouge // Wet n Wild Red-dy or Not // Revlon Romantic // Revlon Adore

Rico Mauve is a pinky-mauve; it’s a nice my lips but better color.

Wet n Wild Rico Mauve Balm Stain Swatch

Wet n Wild Rico Mauve

Lady and the Vamp is not particularly vampy, but is a very pretty berry. It’s more sheer than the others, and the uneven texture of my lips is emphasized rather than hidden. It does have a great name, though!

Wet n Wild Lady and the Vamp Balm Stain Swatch

Wet n Wild Lady and the Vamp

All three colors stain, with Red-dy or Not leaving the brightest, longest-lasting stain.

At $2.99 each, these are worth it to me – especially if you find a display with $1 off coupons attached to each one, like I did! And, since these are permanent, you can also wait for a sale.

See anything you like?

  • Icequeen81

    ummm dont see the vamp in that shade 🙁

  • Bellyhead

    Emi, these are beautiful! Maybe I should give up on trying to find any WnW eye palettes and concentrate on locating one of these. I love Lady and the (not very) Vamp.

    • Luckily these are permanent so should (eventually) be easy to find. What palettes are you looking for? Let me know if I can help you find something LE, I am pretty good at spotting things . . . since I’m at the drugstore almost every day.

      • Bellyhead

        😀 I completely give up on the LE palettes. thank you for your kind offer to help though. But I’m sure these balms will eventually show up in my stupid drugstores, buried somewhere behind the hanes underwear section, as per norm.

  • Oooh so pretty! I would definitely grab a few of these and actually began to write down the shade names before I reached the bottom of your post…staining? *sigh* I shall pass. I am actually not that big a fan of stains. After trying Revlon’s Balm Stains, they leave such vividly bright, usually cool-toned pink stains that look awful on my lips :/ too bad, the slick, balmy (vs. waxy) texture sounds lovely!

    • I know what you mean about the Revlons, these seem to me to leave a more natural stain though – so they might be worth trying, esp given the price!

  • Thank you!

  • Heidi

    I love what you do – I love to see colors on other people first. What color is the nude, pinky nude or orangey nude, or very light beige?

    • Thanks Heidi! I only own the three I swatched in this post, I don’t own the nude, sorry!

  • Corky

    Emi, I have been hoarding a small supply of long-ago discontinued WnW “Mood Sticks,” which are stains. Are these “Balm Stains” the current re-issue of my favorite lipsticks?

    • Hi Corky – I’m sorry, but I don’t know – I’m not familiar with the Mood Sticks. Maybe try asking over at Nouveau Cheap – she’s more familiar with discontinued makeup than I am! (& sorry for the very delayed response, I was out of town)

  • waymire

    I adore the Jordana ones, the Revlon are ok, but the Hard Candy ones were a no go for me because they transfer terribly. If these have a similar slippery texture do they transfer all over as well? I really like the colors, the only issue with the Jordana ones I have is most of the colors are too bright/cool toned for me.

    • Oops, I missed this question. Yes, these are more similar to the Hard Candy in texture than the Jordana, they definitely transfer a lot.


    What drugstore did you purchase them at.? I’ve been looking for them EVERYWHERE.

    • I’ve seen them at Rite Aid for sure, and I think I’ve seen them at CVS too. Good luck on the hunt!