Wet n Wild Fergie Vicious Varnish High Shine Gloss Stains: Review & Swatches

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WnW Fergie Vicious Varnish Review

I recently found a Walgreens with a fully stocked, updated-for-2014 Wet n Wild display, and I bought several of the new products to test out. Today, I have a review and swatches of the Wet n Wild Fergie Vicious Varnish High Shine lip gloss stains. The stains come in the following ten colors, and I bought five of them, which are in bold.

  • Giving Realness (pale peachy nude)
  • Legendary Face (light pink)
  • Street Queen (medium cool pink).
  • Voguing Madness (neon red)
  • Runaway Red (bright red)
  • Flawless (bright warm pink)
  • Ball in Vienna (hot fuchsia pink)
  • Global Fierceness (pinky-red)
  • Epic (deep berry – my favorite!)
  • Throwing Shade (purple berry)

WnW Vicious Varnish gloss stain

The stains are packaged in clear tubes, so it’s easy to see the color. They have a very flexible doe-foot applicator which I found easy to use.

The texture of the Vicious Varnish gloss stains is a little bit hard to describe – it sort of has a thin, watery feel (like a stain), but is also slightly creamy.  They’re very different from any other gloss stain hybrids I’ve tried; the YSL Glossy stains, L’oreal Color Caresse Gloss Stains, and (new) Milani Gloss Stains are all significantly thicker than the Wet n Wild ones.

On to the swatches!

wnw vicious varnish gloss stain swatches - names

WnW Vicious Varnish gloss stain swatches

Same photo as above, without the text..

The gloss stains are very long-lasting; the stain easily lasts five or more hours (and fades evenly, too!).  I’ve read several reviews where the writer says that they stay glossy for several hours, but I find the watery/wet feeling kind of odd, so I have blotted them down into a stain every time I’ve worn them so far.  I find that they feel a bit drying when initially applied (again, because of the watery stain texture), but over time they don’t continue to dry out my lips – once there is a stain, it feels like there is nothing at all on my lips.  Adding balm does not affect the color or intensity of the stain.


WnW Voguing Madness Vicious Varnish swatch

Voguing Madness

WnW Runaway Red Vicious Varnish swatch

Runaway Red

WnW Throwing Shade Vicious Varnish swatch

Throwing Shade

WnW Epic Vicious Varnish swatch


WnW Legendary Face Vicious Varnish swatch

Legendary Face

The pigmentation is incredible – I think the swatches really speak for themselves. I am very impressed by how evenly these go on and how evenly they fade, given the intense pigmentation.

The Vicious Varnish gloss stains retail for $3.50, and are on the Walgreens website now; however, they’re not available to ship – only to pick up in-store.  They’re not available on drugstore.com yet – but given that the other permanent Fergie products are available, they’ll probably show up eventually.

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  • inhermakeupbag

    I LOVE these! Throwing Shade and Epic are especially gorgeous, though Legendary Shade is pretty in its own right- looks like a nice nude. I’ve yet to find the new 2014 Wet ‘n’ Wild products in my area (so weird as we have other new spring stuff), but I’ll definitely be trying some of these when I do. Thanks!

  • I like Legendary Face!

  • Wow, super pretty! Love the shine and pigmentation on these. And I agree- Epic looks like a standout for sure 🙂

  • Josie

    Any noticeable smell? Thanks for the great swatches! 🙂

    • They are unscented! I don’t detect any scent at all.

      • Bellyhead

        No scent! Maybe I need this so I can forever feel ok about bypassing the YSL stains! :DDD

        • They are quite a different texture than the YSL stains, I’m happy to have some of of both 😀 though the WnW has a muuuuuuuch better price.

  • Amy

    Thank you for the review and swatches! I hadn’t even known these were coming, but now I’ll know to keep my eyes peeled. Epic in particular is calling to me!

  • WOW. I adore all five shades on you! The formula sounds brilliant too — WnW make some killer lip products so it’s exciting to see them enter the glossy stain ring.

    • It’s a really interesting formula, I suspect it might be too drying for you, but perhaps it would work blotted down with balm over – which is how I prefer them, too.

  • Lyn (Cheap As F*ck)

    Wow, these looks great. Maybe I do need some more berry lip products after all . . .

  • Have you tried layering these? If so, did it make the stain more intense and/or stronger? I’m going to Wal-Greens tomorrow with two WnW coupons so I hope they have some.

    • They’re pretty intense when applied, so I haven’t tried layering. But if you want a long lasting stain, I’d apply, blot, reapply, blot, reapply.

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