Visee Creamy Lipstick RD400 & RD401 Review & Swatches

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Kose Visee creamy lipstick rd401 rd400

When the lovely Belly of Wondegondigo posted about the Visee Creamy Lipstick in RD401, a lemming was born. I ended up deciding that the formula sounded so good that I would order not just one, but two of the lipsticks. I selected RD401, which on me reads a bright reddened pink – it’s the color Belly originally wrote about – and RD400, which I hoped would be a nice neutral / mlbb type shade (and it is!).

Kose Visee creamy lipstick

Visee Creamy Lipstick – outer packaging

Visee is a sub-brand under the larger brand Kose, and I don’t know much about it – it’s from Japan, and it’s sold in drugstores there. I believe the Creamy Lipsticks retail for somewhere around ¥1500 ($15), and I bought mine for ¥2250 JPY (around $22) each, including shipping, from Ichibankao – not too bad of a markup. They’re also available from eBay and a few other online retailers for around the same price.

Kose Visee creamy lipstick packaging

Visee Creamy Lipstick – packaging

I really like the packaging; the black metal tube with a matte lace design is simple, understated, and space-efficient. But it’s the product inside that’s even more special.

Kose Visee creamy lipstick rd401 rd400 swatches

RD401 // RD400 – one swipe each

The pigmentation is incredible – above, you see one swipe of each color, with light pressure. And, as noted in Belly’s review, they are very flattering when applied, minimizing lip lines and flakes.

Kose Visee RD401 swatch

Visee RD401

Kose Visee RD400 swatch

Visee RD400

Both colors are lovely on their own, but I also like mixing/layering them to make a rosy pink.

Kose Visee creamy lipstick mix-2

Visee RD401 & RD400 – mixed

Great colors, great formula, and pretty packaging too. It’s love!

  • Pam

    From the swatches, I thought they would be too warm, but on your lips they look perfect! I love the two combined for a MLBB (my lips but better) shade. I would probably not have chosen those two shades, but seeing them on you, I find them both very wearable. Wish they cost a little less though. Putting them on my wishlist!

  • Pam

    Oh, I forgot to ask, when you mixed the two shades, did you do it on the back of your hand with a lipstick brush, or did you put the dark one on first and then the light one, or vice versa?

    BTW, I got a really awesome “Infinity Lipstick Wheel” from Susan Thompson, with six wonderful shades to mix and match. Also very good quality. I was lemming it after reading about it on Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog in November. Look at the swatches – they’re beautiful!

    If you only want to try one of her lipsticks, I recommend Cleo! Gorgeous!

    • Ooh, thank you for the recommendation, I’ll check it out.

      Regarding mixing, I tried mixing on the back of my hand but it wastes too much product, so I ended up applying the brighter shade very lightly, sort of as a stain (with a lip brush), then the lighter shade on top (with the same lip brush). I’m happy with how that worked out!