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NYX Licorice Butter Lipstick and Devil’s Food Cake Butter Gloss Review & Swatches

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NYX Licorice Butter Lipstick - NYX Devil's Food Cake Butter Gloss

 After I posted my IMATS purchases, I got a few comments asking for swatches of the NYX Butter Lipstick & Butter Gloss.  NYX released the Butter Gloss ($4.99, Ulta) a couple years ago, and due to it’s popularity released Butter Lip Balm ($3.99, Ulta), and now there’s a Butter Lipstick ($5.99, Ulta) and more shades of the gloss.

I have a very mixed relationship with NYX products – find all my NYX reviews here – but I really like the Butter Glosses and can see why they’re so popular – smooth, non-sticky, and reasonably moisturizing. I also have one Butter Lip Balm, Biscotti, and while it’s a nice my-lips-but-better color, I find the texture a little stiff and don’t find it particularly moisturizing.

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More Black Radiance Lipstick – Swatch of the Day

Black Radiance Lipstick Swatches - Eldorado Red Plum Orchid Panther

Eldorado Red // Plum Orchid // Panther

For today’s Swatch(es) of the Day, I have swatches of three more Black Radiance lipsticks.  After raving about them last week, I went and bought three more – so easy to do when they’re $2 each! For a full review of the product, please see my prior post. This post is just swatches.

Black Radiance Eldorado Red swatch

Eldorado Red

Eldorado is a pink-based red. It leaves a lovely, even stain when it wears off (and like most Black Radiance lipsticks, it wears for at least 5-6 hours).

Black Radiance Plum Orchid swatch

Plum Orchid

Plum Orchid is a pink-purple. Black Radiance recently added several new shades to their permanent shade range, and this is one of them.

Black Radiance Panther swatch


Panther is a gorgeous color, but is a little patchy – I think it would work best as a stain.

Again, I cannot recommend these lipsticks highly enough! If you can’t find them in your area, the newer shades are listed here & the older shades are listed here on Drugstore.com.

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Milani Lipstick Comparison: New Formula vs. Old Formula

milani black cherry comparison

Old version // new version

Milani recently discontinued their entire line of lipsticks and released a new lineup.  Some of the shades are gone, but some have been rereleased in the new formula.  I previously reviewed the shade Black Cherry, and although I loved the color, I found the formula unwearable – it clung to every dry spot on my lips.  So, I purchased the new Black Cherry to see if the formula was better!

milani black cherry comparison

Old version // new version

As you can see, the packaging has changed from a matte gold to a shiny gold.  I prefer the older packaging, but it’s certainly not a dealbreaker.  The shape of the lipstick bullet has also changed – the discontinued version has a sort of uniquely shaped bullet (you can see it in the first photo), and the new version has a standard bullet.  The scent has also changed – the old version seems to be unscented, and just has that normal lipstick-y smell, while the new version has a strong fruity smell.

milani black cherry comparison swatch

Old version // new version

Here are skin swatches of both the old / discontinued and the new version.  The color is almost the same, but the old version appears slightly deeper.

milani black cherry comparison swatch - discontinued version

Discontinued Version

Here’s the discontinued version.  As you can see, it clings to the dry patches in my lips in an unattractive way.  If I exfoliate my lips and use a lip primer, it does better, but it’s still not perfect and is just very difficult to wear.

milani black cherry comparison swatch - new version

New version

And here is the new version of Black Cherry – the formula is a huge improvement! It is much, much more even.   On the lips, the color is just about identical between the old and the new versions – the main difference is the improvement in the formula.

Overall, I am really happy with the reformulation of the Milani lipsticks – or at least this one shade that I have tried.  I do prefer the older packaging and I’m not thrilled with the new scent, but it’s completely worth it when you consider that the old version wasn’t really wearable and the new version is gorgeous! Both formulas – old and new – are currently available online at Cherryculture, which ships internationally. Other online retailers only have the old version at the time of this post.

Have you seen the new Milani lipsticks in your area yet, and have you tried them?

MAC Archie’s Girls Boyfriend Stealer Lipstick Swatches

mac archies girls boyfriend stealer -  feelin so good

Boyfriend Stealer & Feelin’ So Good

I had initially planned to only purchase one item from the MAC Archie’s Girls collection, the Feelin’ So Good Lipglass (swatched here). However, after seeing Temptalia’s swatches of another Veronica lip product, Boyfriend Stealer lipstick, I decided that had to be mine as well! I ordered it from Nordstrom and it was supposed to arrive last Thursday, the day the collection arrived at counters – however, it didn’t arrive until today.  Had I known it would be so delayed, I would have just bought it at a counter Thursday morning in order to swatch Thursday afternoon.  (I was also irritated that it was shipped in a small envelope with little padding, and the box was slightly crushed. Luckily I’m not a collector of boxes or limited edition boxes, but Nordstrom didn’t know that. Still, it was not a good ordering experience.)

So – all of that is to say that the lipstick is now sold out pretty much everywhere, and I wasn’t sure swatches would be useful, but since the lipstick looks very different on me (more purple, less berry) than other bloggers, I thought I’d post them anyway.

mac archies girls boyfriend stealer swatch

Multiple swipes / one swipe

Boyfriend Stealer is a sheer, but buildable, purple. It is a cremesheen formula – I find the formula neither drying nor moisturizing.

mac archies girls boyfriend stealer swatch

Boyfriend Stealer

On me, Boyfriend Stealer is definitely purple.  It’s a sheer, wearable purple – and I rather like it – but it’s not the berry I was expecting from seeing other bloggers’ lip swatches.  Perhaps their lips have a different undertone than mine.

mac archies girls boyfriend stealer feelin so good layered swatch

Boyfriend Stealer + Feelin’ So Good

And finally, here is Feelin’ so Good layered over Boyfriend Stealer. It’s actually not this patchy; it is patchy, but looks significantly better in person. This was a too-quickly applied swatch after my first set of swatches didn’t turn out (I had a smudge I didn’t notice til I was editing).

If you purchased Boyfriend Stealer, does it look more berry or more purple on you?

Milani Black Cherry Lipstick Review & Swatches

About a week ago, I came across some lipsticks on clearance at Walgreens, and bought Milani Color Perfect Lipstick in Black Cherry half-off; a total impulse buy, with no research done at all.  I expected it to be a deep berry vamp, akin to how Revlon Black Cherry looks on me – but it’s much darker and more purple, which was a pleasant surprise. (And, despite being on clearance, it’s still on the Milani website with no indication of being discontinued).

Milani Black Cherry swatches very nicely – bold, pigmented color in just one swipe.  It’s creamy, but not too slippery, and feels moisturizing when worn.

However, on the lips, the texture is quite difficult to work with – it settles into lip lines, attaches to any dry skin on my lips, and makes my lips look like they are in really terrible condition – when really, they aren’t.  I applied it two ways; first, as a light stain:

And then full strength with a lip brush – I should have removed the stain first, you can see the soft edges of the stain still:

The color is absolutely gorgeous, and it definitely looks much better from a normal distance than up close – but up close, it looks quite bad.  The color is clinging to every single dry flake on my lips.

So, overall I (regretfully!) have to recommend that you skip this one unless your lips are in exceptionally good shape. It’s a gorgeous color for a great price, but the formula just isn’t good enough, especially for such an attention-getting color.

(Update! Milani reformulated their lipsticks, and rereleased Black Cherry with a new & improved formula: swatches & review here.)

Drugstore Vampy Lipstick Swatch & Review

Wet n Wild Black Orchid, Revlon Black Cherry, Black Radiance Brandywine

Wet n Wild Black Orchid, Revlon Black Cherry, Black Radiance Brandywine

Today, I have three inexpensive drugstore vampy lipsticks – each slightly different, and all perfect for fall and winter. Or all year round, even! First, a comparison – they’re similar enough that the only way to really see the differences is to look at them side by side:

swatches: Wet n Wild Black Orchid (508A) Revlon Black Cherry Black Radiance Brandywine (5010)

Left to right: Wet n Wild Black Orchid Silk Finish (508A) //
Revlon Black Cherry Super Lustrous // Black Radiance Brandywine (5010)

Wet n Wild Black Orchid Silk Finish lipstick, which I have reviewed previously, is the darkest of the lot.  It’s also the least expensive, at only 99 cents (and frequently on sale).  It is moisturizing, has medium wear time, and is comfortable to wear.

WnW Black Orchid swatch

WnW Black Orchid

Revlon Black Cherry lipstick is a classic vampy lipstick shade.  It’s not as dark as the Wet n Wild, or as bright as the Black Radiance.  It’s a drier formula than the other two, and I found that it emphasized any dry spots on my lips. I actually applied, was horrified, wiped it off, did a lip exfoliation scrub, and reapplied. It still emphasized some flakes – as you can see below –  but it looks a lot better than before.  Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks are $7.99 (though price may vary by region).

Revlon Black Cherry swatch

Revlon Black Cherry

I bought Black Radiance Brandywine on a whim – it’s my first Black Radiance product – and I was pleasantly surprised when I applied it. It’s very creamy and moisturizing, but not slippery at all. Since the same company, Markwins, owns both Wet n Wild and Black Radiance, I guess it’s not surprising that Black Radiance products are high quality! This lipstick is similar to the Revlon, but brighter in color and creamier in texture. It’s so beautiful – I definitely recommend it.  It was $1.99 at Rite Aide.

Black Radiance Brandywine swatch

Black Radiance Brandywine

Out of these three, I would recommend Wet n Wild Black Orchid and Black Radiance Brandywine.  I found the flake-emphasizing qualities of Revlon Black Cherry to be a dealbreaker, and I’ll be getting rid of mine at some point.

And, as a final note, here’s a full-face photo with Brandywine: