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Sephora X Polish Overview & First Impressions

Sephora X Chaotic Swatch

Sephora X Chaotic // Sephora X Chaotic swatched over Nails, Inc. Baker St.

Sephora has quietly released a new house brand of nail polishes out, called the Sephora X polishes.  They don’t seem to be getting very much press yet, so I thought I’d put together a post on them.  The polishes have a fairly limited in-store distribution thus far, but a Sephora store near me has them in stock, so yesterday I headed over to check them out, swatch, and play! I neglected to take a photo of the display, but there’s a good one here.

If my math is correct, there are 65 polishes (plus a base & top coat), which are divided in to several categories:

The Illusionists / Toppers category has four of the most interesting polishes: a blue / purple duochrome topcoat (Shifty), a matte black & white glitter (Chaotic), a holo glitter (Airhead),  and a flakie (Psycho).

I swatched all four of these, and purchased Chaotic.   I managed to get a decent photograph of Shifty, which is gorgeous and now on my wishlist! It reminds me of photographs I’ve seen of Cult Nails Deceptions (which I do not own).

Sephora X Shifty

Sephora X Shifty

I am really loving Chaotic, which is very similar to Lynderella Connect the Dots. The PolishAholic has an excellent comparison of the two here, as well as swatches of some other Sephora X shades.

Here’s Chaotic again:

Sephora X Chaotic

click to enlarge

I didn’t get good photographs of Airhead or Psycho, but Airhead is a lovely scattered holo, and Psycho is the type of chunky flakie found in the Revlon Moon Candy duos (swatched here), rather than the smooth type of flakie found in Nubar 2010 or Essie Shine of the Times.

The Cosmics category has four glitters (red, blue, silver, and gold).  I did not swatch any of these!

The Sparklers category has some interesting shades; most notably, Ice Princess looks to me to be a dupe of A-England’s She Walks in Beauty.  Lauren at Dizzy Nails swatched Ice Princess here; Ommorphia swatched She Walks in Beauty here.  I don’t own either polish, so I can’t compare them directly!

Here’s an in-store bottle shot of Ice Princess (sorry about the poor quality)

Sephora X Ice Princess

Sephora X Ice Princess

Explosive is another interesting shade – a black jelly with small and large glitters.

The Prismatics are unique and interesting shades – it’s worth taking a look at them.  You can see a swatch of one of the prismatics, Deranged, at Dizzy Nails.

The Pearlescents look interesting online, but I did not play with them in store, so I have less to say about them.  There are five shades, though my screenshot only captured four.

The Electrics consist of twelve neon shades. I swatched one (a blue), and it was slightly sheer, and dried quickly and semi-matte; all characteristics of most neon polishes.

The New Classics consists of 10 polishes. I believe these are all cremes. I love cremes, but I was so taken with all the interesting finishes in this display that I didn’t pay attention to these!

The New Neutrals consists of twelve shades of various finishes in neutral colors.

The Minimalists/ Sheers are sheer polishes – I love a good sheer, but didn’t swatch any of these either.

The Industrialists category consists of five grey polishes of various finishes, and a black creme (Bad Ass). I swatched the black polish, and it’s excellent – perfect coverage in one coat.

A base coat & top coat round out the line.

Overall, this seems like a really nice line of polishes! The prices are a bit over my personal comfort zone for basic polishes, but reasonable for special polishes without easy to find dupes.  I’m always happy to see new nail polish lines popping up!