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Sephora Coral Extract Rouge Infusion Lip Stain Review & Swatches

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Sephora Coral Extract Rouge Infusion Lip Ink_

I went to Sephora a couple weekends ago to check out several new products in person, and was remarkably restrained – the only thing I bought was one of the new Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Stains. There are 12 colors (oddly, they’re numbered No. 1 – 13 with no No. 2), and they sell for $14.

I swatched all but one in-store (the tester was missing). Here are the swatches – as you can see, the pigmentation level varies significantly between shades, with the lighter shades having medium intensity and the darker shades being EXTREMELY pigmented. None have any shimmer or sparkle. Continue reading